The vaccine for coronavirus is whether and when exactly will it be ready?

Когда будет готова вакцина от коронавируса?

In this article you will learn what is the Vaccine for coronavirus, if it exists. Also suggestions when will be ready a vaccine for the coronavirus?...

The outbreak of a deadly viral disease from mainland China is spreading across the globe: when it invented a vaccine to 2019 coronavirus-ncoV (the official name COVID-19)?

Когда будет готова вакцина от коронавируса?

The contents
  1. The vaccine for coronavirus
  2. Is there a vaccine for the coronavirus?
  3. When will be created and ready a vaccine for the coronavirus?
  4. For and against vaccination against coronavirus

The vaccine for coronavirus

A new kind of virus 2019-ncoV was recorded early last year in the Chinese city of Wuhan by the end of January, the world began to receive disturbing reports of its rapid spread. The source of infection is unknown significantly, the scientists believe that coronavirus emerged in the course of certain viral mutations in animals, in which food could use patient zero on the Wuhan market.

Themselves coronaviruses exist in nature always. This family of viruses, which were detected mainly in wild and domestic animals. Opened by bacteriologist the virus was in the late 1960 and got its name because of the fibers on its outer surface resembling the crown.

At present from the coronavirus in the world have died more than 5386 people. Patients more 143183, including clinical cases of infection not only in the Chinese provinces, but also in Japan, Thailand, Australia, the UK, Germany, Russia, France, and South Africa. The danger of the virus lies in its severe and life-threatening course, which is actually a long and asymptomatic incubation period, constituting around seven to fourteen days. It causes heavy inflammation of the lungs, characterized by respiratory distress, fever, cough, shortness of breath, signs of intestinal disorders.

Do you think that will create a vaccine against coronavirus or not?

Is there a vaccine for the coronavirus?

Когда будет создана вакцина от коронавируса?

The rumors developed from vaccine coronavirus appear on the Internet every day, but at the moment it doesn’t exist, because not only isolate the virus in the laboratory. First and foremost virologists needs to be some research on both animals and humans, to understand how the drug is effective and safe.

The virus itself was obtained in the laboratories of the world recently, and his studies are conducted in Hong Kong, China, France, Australia, USA. Of course that will instill healthy people and in all laboratory tests the number of infected people in the world will have tens or hundreds of thousands of people, because the disease has a high virulence and a long incubation period during which people are contagious.

Do you think the coronavirus vaccine already exists?

Biological material for research scientists there, but the vaccines quickly to wait just not worth it. Moreover, people hoping not to get sick have been vaccinated against influenza strains, although in fact it is a useless procedure in relation to coronavirus as pathogen of these two different etiologies. The only measure of protection against a new viral disease is considered to be thorough hygiene, wearing masks and a ban on attending public events.

Chinese physicians are not particularly counting on a vaccine to a national epidemic, and they predict a natural decline in the incidence at the end of February. The authorities of the countries that already have diagnosed cases of infection with coronavirus are:

  • The introduction of quarantine measures for the entry and exit as in areas with patients, as in the border areas of the States;
  • The development of effective treatment measures. Use different combinations of antiviral therapy, quickly eliminating the virus in the patient’s body;
  • Conducted preventive work among the population to identify patients and their further isolation.

The first prototype of a future vaccine against the coronavirus was established in Hong Kong, but this does not mean that humanity can hope for it. Official representatives of the Medical University of Hong Kong said that animal testing will only take a couple of months, followed by testing on humans, which could take from a year to a year and a half time. Famous scientist Yuen Kwok-Yung told in a recent interview he gave during the scientific workshop on the development of vaccines against coronavirus. The assurance Kwok-Yung it will be inactivated viral vaccine consisting of a coronavirus, a special way in order to prevent the transmission of infection.

When will be created and ready a vaccine for the coronavirus?

Существует ли вакцина от коронавируса?

As indicated above, researchers from Hong Kong claim that the vaccine will be ready in about a year, after all the necessary research. The development of the drug is actively engaged in the United States, France, Australia and Russia.

Representatives of the French Institute Pasteur is called the same time. Scientists from Australia said they like Hong Kong colleagues have managed to grow the virus in laboratory conditions and sample for test will be provided to other laboratories in collaboration with who.

Encouraged by the situation with the development of a vaccine in Russia. The Minister of health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko at a briefing in Tyumen, which was one of the confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus told reporters that the medical Institute “Vector” in Novosibirsk is developing a vaccine. The Director of “Vector” Rinat Maksyutov noted that the drug for vaccination is approved and tested by June 2020. According to Maksutov developed the two vaccines, which will be held in the near future research.

You will have time to create a vaccine against coronavirus by June of 2020?

For and against vaccination against coronavirus

Вакцина от коронавируса в разработке

Many scientists believe that the situation with coronaviral not as critical as it seems at first glance and fall in incidence in China will be in late February. If an effective vaccine will be developed, then it is possible to achieve the following results:

  • To reduce morbidity and to stop the further spread of the coronavirus in the world;
  • The vaccine will help to protect healthy people from infection;
  • Will decrease the number of complications and lethal outcomes.

All of these conditions will be complied with in the case if the vaccine will truly create a successful and safe for humans. Feature of coronavirus lies in the fact that its etiology is not known, and it can mutate. Not known and the nature of the virus, as it is unclear how the normal strain of the coronavirus has mutated animals and why he transferred to the person in the end.

The development of a vaccine COVID-19 – for and against:
On a vaccine already working
The timing of the establishment of the declared
Virus COVID-19 to the end is not studied by specialists
The development can last more than a year
Unknown adverse symptoms after vaccination

Work on the drug involves many stages, such as farming or getting a virus under laboratory conditions, the production of antigenic proteins that attacks the immune system, testing on laboratory animals and the study of the action of the vaccine on humans. From the time seem long, but in terms of the epidemic they are very tight. Experts believe that this has a negative impact on the quality of the vaccine, which can be dangerous for health in terms of side effects.

A representative of the Medical University of Hong Kong Yuen Kwok-Yung fears that the vaccine may cause serious complications in humans. According to the scientist complications associated with the Central nervous and respiratory system were noted in the introduction of a vaccine against SARS, which was in 2003. Also the vaccine may not be universal and is not appropriate for certain categories of persons. to summarize, we can say that the development of vaccines against coronavirus infection is the world’s leading laboratories and first positive results have to wait no earlier than 8-12 months.

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