The war between China and coronavirus: doctors and serious risks

On the front line of the war between China and coronavirus doctors face serious risks in the absence of the necessary remedies and medicaments....

In the hospital, where Yu Yajie, nurses, doctors and other health professionals leading the fight against the novel coronavirus COVID-2019, also experiencing an acute shortage of medicine and masks. They began to use duct tape to patch broken protective mask, repeatedly used protective eyewear is disposable, and wrapped their shoes in plastic bags due to the lack of special coatings.

Yu now lies at home, reeling and afraid that she contracted the virus. She and other hospital staff said that due to the lack of effective protective clothing health workers, such as it is, was in a vulnerable position in Wuhan, a Central Chinese city, in the center of the epidemic that swept through the region.

There are risks — just not enough resources“, — said in a short telephone interview with the administrator of the Central hospital of Wuhan Yu, adding that it was too weak to speak for long.

Chinese medical workers on the front lines of the fight against the epidemic of coronavirus, often become its victims, partly because of government mistakes and logistical obstacles.

Power or the vulnerability of medical professionals China can determine how well the Communist party will survive his worst political crisis in recent years. If Wenlan, a doctor, died from the coronavirus last week after he was punished by the police for warning your friends about a new outbreak of the epidemic. His death sparked a wave of fury in China.

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