The Yahoo Mail becomes better and faster with multi-tasking

Yahoo, at the end of April, had sent to all registered accounts an invitation to try the beta version of its nova site interface to read and send mail.

Those who have not yet done so, should now upgrade to the new Yahoo Mail which is much better than the previous version, it’s faster, it’s safer, has a pià pleasant and attractive, is better organized, it offers more space for data and is easier to use.

I remember Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and Gmail along with the best webmail ever to receive, manage and read e-mail messages.

To update the management interface to nNew Yahoo Mail, just click the Refresh button located in the message “Yahoo! Mail has been updated. Discover all the news.”

If you do not find the message or if you want to save time, you can click directly on the web page of the presentation of the new Yahoo Mail and press the button Try it now.

After accepting the new rules and terms of use, you can leave the old interface and the new update.

To operate the new Yahoo Mail you need a web browser with versions earlier than Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3, Safari 4 and Chrome 5.

As you can see, the new interface of Yahoo Mail does not change in content but only in graphics, speed and the setting of boards arranged horizontally.

One of the first things to do is enable the preview pane of the messages so that selecting one, its contents appear at the bottom, without going into a new tab.

To do this, you need to click on the link of the options at the top and go to Mail Options.

General Options tab, select the first line where it says show all messages in a scrolling list (with Preview Pane option).

After you click Save Changes, you need to do an update of the page and see a button at the top center that allows you to hide or show previews of messages.

The second thing that you can set the other hand is the theme of the page to Yahoo Email graphic that you can choose from the Options menu, choosing the colors.

The most important improvement of the new Yahoo mail is the multi-tasking.

This means that if one is writing a new email, can click on the box inbox and read new messages, without having to close or save the current message you are writing, and that is kept in a separate tab.

Yahoo also open a new tab for each e-mail message you want to read, putting them side by side.

The transition from one card to another is very fast, as if you used a program installed on your computer.

This multi-tasking, ie the fact that you can write a new message while you look at the emails arrive or even browsing the phone book, is definitely the strength of Yahoo mail also because neither Gmail nor Hotmail nor other minor services have this capability.

The new version of Yahoo also has multiple applications and integration with external services, and in this, looks a lot like Hotmail.

In particular, you can connect to Facebook and Twitter, Yahoo Mail, read updates from the friends page e-mail and also chat with your Facebook contacts.

With Yahoo Mail is also easy all the email addresses of Facebook friends in your address book.

Note then the application ZumoDrive that can be accessed by clicking on the link “My Disc” in the lower left.

ZumoDrive allows you to upload files over the internet and other ritrovarseli online using your computer or iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones.

The special application ZumoDrive is that they can play their video and music streaming.

Another application that for now seems to have disappeared on my account is (or was) YouSendIt to send email attachments up to 100 MB.

The only other item of note is the search bar moved to the top of the page, which can also be used to browse websites on the general search engine Yahoo.

Everything else does not change even if it might take a little ‘time to get used to seeing things in a different way.

For an overview of the advanced options so it’s old guide Yahoo mail where we talk mostly of filters (not elaborate) and temporary addresses (good and better than Gmail).

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