To trump the Coronavirus was an enemy not to tweet

Defending himself from criticism in response to the treatment of a coronavirus, trump said that one could hardly expect him to be ready for such an unexpected crisis....

PALM BEACH. — Defending himself from criticism in response to his appeal with the coronavirus, President trump recently suggested that one could hardly expect him to be ready for such an unexpected crisis.

Who would have thought?” he asked during a visit to the Centers for control and prevention of diseases, the nerve centre of the government response to the outbreak. “Who would have thought that we all will spread?”

Actually, a lot of people thought and did, including officials in the White house who were responsible for preparing for such a pandemic to close his office as a result of reorganization in 2018. “The threat of an influenza pandemic is a security issue of health No. 1, “said one of the officials the day before this happened two years ago. “Are we ready to respond to the virus? I’m afraid the answer is no.”

For the President, who lives in the moment, rarely planning ahead, the coronavirus was a problem of leadership, which he wasn’t ready. The outbreak which stirred the country, does not meet the favourite weapon of Mr. trump should not be intimidated by posts on Twitter, it is impossible to shoot down drones, not to overcome the solidarity of the party, not to beat a campaign rally chants.

Mr. trump, who is stronger from a political point of view, when he has an enemy to attack, seemed less sure of how to beat the invisible killer. The role of soothing natural leader is not as simple as he tries to find a balance between public reassurance and neglect. He predicted that the virus “miraculously” disappear by itself in warmer weather, suggested that the vaccine will be available soon, and insisted that anyone who wants to pass the test, pass it —all exaggerated or inaccurate.

He expressed a surprising lack of knowledge and at the same time claimed to be a medical scientist. He treated the crisis as a partisan battle, wearing his red hat campaign “Make America great Again!” calling the Governor a “snake”. He even admitted that he wanted to leave passengers on Board the cruise ship, not to see the statistics on the number of cases of infection on American soil, because it will look bad.

“If we really want to talk about what can cause panic in this country, this is an administration that just doesn’t understand with the American public epidemic and the real consequences that may arise for Americans, Senator Christopher S. Murphy, Democrat from Connecticut, said Sunday on “face the nation” on CBS.

Dr. Jonathan S. Reiner, a well-known cardiologist who has treated former Vice President dick Cheney and wrote a book, said that he is convinced that the tramp is not able to quickly move on to testing for the virus after his arrival in China, because the White House simply did not want to admit the scale of the threat.

“When history is finally written, he said on Sunday — we understand that tens of thousands of lives have been jeopardized because of the political decision taken by the President.”

Mr. trump, who spent the weekend at his estate Mar-a-Lago in Florida, rejected the criticism on Sunday, putting travel restrictions that he has imposed on China, later adding new observations other affected places such as Iran and parts of it. South Korea and Italy.

“We have perfectly coordinated and finely tuned plan at the White house for our attack on the CoronaVirus”, — he wrote on Twitter a few minutes after arrival to your Golf club in West palm beach, where he played with several members of the world Cup, “Washington nationals”. “We are VERY early moved to close borders with certain areas that was a real gem. Fake, the media is doing everything possible to make us look bad in the eyes of Americans. A sad example!”

After Mr. trump initially said the warning of the Minister of health as “alarmist“, in the last two weeks, he took more decisive public role in relation to coronavirus, appointing Vice President Mike Pence to lead the efforts of the government and repeatedly made, to show that he is serious about the threat.
But he also adhered to the conventional approach to the rest of their schedule, refusing to cancel campaign rallies, fundraisers or social events, even when other large gatherings of Americans are prohibited. Asked by a reporter Saturday night, not whether he was worried that the infection is close to the White house, Mr. trump replied: “No, that’s not my problem”.

Then the President went to Mar-a-Lago, to arrange a lavish party on the occasion of the birthday of the former leading Fox News Kimberly Gilfoyle, who meets with Donald trump Jr. and her Monday marks 51, the preliminary inspection of the celebration, which could take place next month. When Melania trump celebrates 50 years. Among those who were spotted at the festival were well-known personalities from the circle of Donald trump, including Pence, Lindsey Graham, Rudolph W. Giuliani, Tucker Carlson and Matt Goetz.

Trump happily introduced his visitor, the President of Brazil Gera of Bolsonaro, Mr. Carlson and other guests in a video posted on social networks, and boasted that he “gave him a great gift”, without imposing tariffs of Brazil and “which made it much more popular. ” Mr. Bolsonaro laughed and agreed. A smiling Mr. Pence turned to the camera and playfully said, “si.”

The first lady made a trip to Florida, but she faced a fatal blow to Rome at the weekend, after he posted their photos in the helmet, watching the privately financed construction of a new tennis pavilion in the White house.

“I urge anyone who considers himself a pessimist, and questioned my work at the @WhiteHouse, so they took the time and made something good and productive in their community,” she wrote Saturday on Twitter, adding your slogan against bullying “#BeBest. “

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