Top 5 Country’s To Go Backpacking

Traveling on a budget does not imply having to go without adventuring the world. You are not going to discover the best of the world just by sitting and doing nothing in some luxury hotel suite. However, just with a few belongings you’ve tucked into a knapsack, you surely can enjoy a memorable trip.

Backpacking trips surely may mean sacrificing a number of creature comforts. However, the link with the nature around you plus the companionship with fellow backpackers from around the world cannot be underestimated. But what can be considered the top 5 countries to go backpacking? Compiling the list is a tricky business since new countries continue rising in popularity while others wane due to man-made and natural disasters. But the following can be considered as the top countries to go backpacking.


The country, though having the natural beauty and every bit of the Old world wonder which Italy and Spain have, is far more reasonable when it comes to cost. Lisbon is a pretty work of art showing the weight of its age, though it remains both proud and elegant. For backpackers, for instance, getting from Porto down to the Algarve is quite cheap, easy and comfortable. A great public transport system implies that chopping as well as changing from the coast to Fatmia among other inland attractions are not a problem, and are quite comfortable. Portugal is an attractive value for money because of its great weather, incredible scenery, festive people and great wine.


For many periods, Inca Trail has remained quite high on backpacking list of Must Sees. Machu Pichu, though criticized often for being overly commercialized, is both mysterious and beautiful. What you need to do is just sharing the view with few other travelers. Peru is famous for its fabled ruins-though still worth seeing- together with several of other sights which are going to blow your mind. Its coastline is full of secluded beaches that you can lose yourself on, attractive towns lending themselves to great parties and festivals plus spicy food you are just going to enjoy.


The country’s mix of nature, tradition and culture is just exquisite. You are going to have a great time mixing with people from Mekong Delta who knows what backpacking is all about, that is, experiencing different ways of life. The people are friendly, and are just happy to share this magnificent country with you. In the capital city of Hanoi, you are going to find some great mix of tourists and locals to share your time with. This city hums with activity. There are also great ancient monuments and sights. A trip to Halong Bay can be equated to stepping into a dream world. Why? You just can’t believe a real place may be this unrealistically beautiful!

New Zealand

This country is immensely popular; one of those places which people just connect with attractive landscapes. Its lakes, fjords and forests are great places which backpackers have continued to visit because of their magnificent beauty. You will not have to travel to these beauty attractions from town to town by buses which look something from the scrap yard. This is a great country having very friendly people plus amazing features. It’s just that simple. An amazing place for backpackers.


From the cliffs facing the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the parched hills found in the Sahara Desert, and on top of the beautiful and icy Atlas Mountains, the country’s contrasting landscape is just mesmerizing. In the balance between its ancient traditions and changing culture, you are going to discover something mystical and enduring which has been drawing soul searchers and artists for decades.

A great place to begin is Marrakech. There are many things to see. The daily miracle happening at Djemaa el-Fna will throw you into the deep end of urban Moroccan culture. You are going to enjoy exciting moments from street performers and vendors, doing and providing you things from another world.

Backpacking is among the most budget-friendly and fun ways to travel around the world. It is always easier traveling with minimum luggage and it is not a bad idea staying in cheap accommodation, particularly when you are unable to visit a luxury destination. The above 5 countries are some of the places you will be able to experience the joy and wild adventure of the world on the cheap. You’ll also meet great locals and tourists that will make your travel be a memorable experience.

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