Trump encourages oboronjatsa to increase the supply of the equipment

Donald trump is asking the defense industry to increase the production of the necessary medical equipment during a pandemic coronavirus....

President trump arrived on Wednesday to send ships for military purposes to areas severely affected by the coronavirus, and to adopt a law allowing the Federal government to order American industry to produce essential medical equipment such as ventilators, respirators and other protective gear for health workers.

Actions follow the slow initial reaction of the administration to trump global crisis, which the United States faced a shortage of tests, hospital beds and equipment. At a briefing at the White house, the President said he would refer to the Law on military production, the law of the era of the Korean war, which allows presidents to take extraordinary actions to force American industry to increase production of equipment necessary for national security, “just in case, if we have to”.

The briefing was held, when the stock fell again, leading to another automatic 15-minute stop trading after S & P fell by about 7 percent. Ford Motor and General Motors said they will temporarily close their factories in the United States. And the administration trump insists on a broader bill to stimulate the economy $ 1 trillion dollars, half of which will cover two rounds of direct payments to Americans in April and may, according to the summary, obtained by The New York Times.

The President said that he had sent two military ships to help with the crisis — one in new York, the other on the West coast — but later officials said that before arriving in new York take several weeks.

Federal plan to combat coronavirus, which was reported in “the new York times,” warned that there might be shortage of supplies such as protective equipment and pharmaceutical drugs that “affect the public health, emergency services and other elements of critical infrastructure“. Hospitals across the country warn about a critical shortage of supplies.

Members of Congress urged President in a few weeks, call for action, but some business leaders opposed this, saying that the factory is ready to help the government, and that this step can impose bureaucratic delays to companies when they need it. Flexibility for quick and timely response to production problems.

The President also said that the Federal emergency management Agency were involved at the highest level that activates a broader staffing and emergency support, and that he has instructed the Department of housing and urban development to impose a temporary moratorium on evictions, since the outbreak greatly affects the economy.

Vice-President Mike Pence said that the tests increase the “thousands” each day, and reiterated the administration’s position, according to which “people without symptoms should not be tested”. Other officials urged Americans to “seriously think” about the postponement of the election procedures and urged the youth to listen to the guidelines of the government to avoid large groups of people.

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