Turbotax Customer Service

Turbotax Customer Service Number

Get Turbotax Customer Service and technical support phone number for Turbotax help and support. Turbotax is an US company design for accounting purpose....

Turbotax Customer Service Number

Turbotax Customer Service

GetTurbotax Customer Serviceand technical support phone number for Turbotax help and support. Turbotax is an US company design for accounting purpose. Turbotax software was design by Michael A. Chipman in 1980. Turbotax headquarter is based in California that is operated by intuit contactturbotax customer service for more information.

Turbo Tax is one the most popular income tax perpetration software with the help of that you can file state tax, federal  Tax and for prepare many other kind of taxes.

General Tax Related Problems And Their Solution 


How To Protect Your Identity and how can you make it safe ?

Due to online business there are many identity scam and fraud are increasing day by day if your Identity is stolen how can you make it safe or where can your report and reclaim your identity.

If your Identity is stolen you can file a fraud alert with a credit reporting company

If somebody stole your identity you can report a file a complain against those company there is list of some company’s where you can complain if your identity is stolen

  • Equifax
  • Experian
  • TransUnion

The best thing is that they provide free service once you complain in that company each company will send you a letter pad that will help you to protect your card to use for 90 days.

If Your Identity is stolen you can also file an FTC fraud complaint or a police complain

If any company scam with you or stole your Identity you can file a complain against company in FTC department they will help you to recover your id  https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/  please visit FTC website to file a complain against any company.

Report false tax returns with same name:

If you got notice from the IRS that you have filled two tax returns under same name you can also complain about this by calling800-908-4490IRS Identity protection team.

Always Check Your Credit Card Reports

To protect your credit card scams you must obtain credit card reports from your credit card company and always check your credit card report.if you find any charge that you do not know please contact your bank.

Avoid Scam Calls

There are lot many scam calls are going people will give you a call and they claim they are calling for IRS department please avoid such scam calls and never share your account information over the phone.

Top Scam Type’s
  • Phone Scams from Phony IRS Agents
  • Scam Email Design To Steel Identity
  • Scamming Social Security Refunds
  • Free Money Promises
  • Website Phishing Scams
  • How to reach a live person:
    • Keep pressing “#” when they request social security number. Took me 2 or 3 times before their system gave up and  the queue to speak to a customer service rep.
  • Hours of Operation:
    • Mon-Sun: 5am-9pm PT
  • Email:
    • This information has not been added.
      Click here to update this department.
  • Customer service link:
    • Click Here
  • Main Company URL:
    • http://turbotax.intuit.com
    • Phone: 866-888-2402








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