Tween Fashion

Shopping for a tween daughter is TORTURE! It seems that we, as parents, are in a constant battle to find age appropriate clothing that our daughters will actually wear. The world of fashion is not very kind to our daughters.

They are not little girls. They don’t want cartoon characters. And they aren’t young women yet. Parent’s don’t want them to dress sexy and provocative. Having a tween myself, I realize the tightrope we walk between appropriate clothing for their growing bodies and what they will actually wear out of the house.

LuLaRoe to the rescue! It’s perfect for Tween Girls.

LuLaRoe makes numerous styles in numerous sizes to help us navigate the rocky road between child and adult. They are comfortable, modest and easily accommodates changing bodies. I gathered together a few girls from our local Middle School and here’s where it led….

Our Julia dress is so fun for girls.

It is simply a very long t-shirt. It has a rounded neckline and usually hits past the knee. Paired with our buttery-soft leggings and chucks, it’s the perfect combo for a girl on the go!

For those girls who are SUPER tall and SUPER straight, the Lucy skirt is just right.

It has an elastic waist band to keep it in place and is long like a maxi skirt. Pair it with a comfy t-shirt and cardigan for a youthful look.

The Carly dress is super fun and there are so many ways to style it.

This young lady chose to create a “rosette” at the waistline and layer it with leggings and leather jacket. Throw on some doc martins and you’re ready to roam the halls in comfort and style.

The Azure skirt if perfect for all Seasons!

It has a yoga waist band and is short to the knee. While LuLaRoe does have a “girls” azure, sizes 2-14, an adult XXS was just the ticket for her growing height. We finished her outfit with a Bianka over a white T. The knee high boots lend to a “grown-up” look without looking like she’s 17.

And lastly, the Amelia.

This dress is perfect for growing girls. It has a higher neckline, a comfortable waist and POCKETS! You gotta have pockets to hold your cell phone, extra hair ties and the essential lip gloss. Paring it with a distressed jacket and combat boots makes it fun, Fun, FUN!

Overall, LuLaRoe has a whole line of clothing perfect for TWEEN girls. It makes them happy to be comfortable and parents happy that their daughters are modest yet cute.

Let me help you find the perfect outfit for your growing daughter. Whether online or in my home, I’m happy to have a consultation to help you navigate the tightrope of tween fashion.

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