Unicorn Defined

Traditionally a unicorn is a mythical creature that resembles a horse, but has a twisty horn on it’s head. Some believe Unicorns also have wings. It is also rumored that unicorns poop rainbows and scatter glitter like confetti. They are so rare that not many get the privilege of finding one regardless of how long they search.

How does that apply to LuLaRoe?  We pride ourselves in our uniqueness. We don’t want you to be walking around with the same dress as your neighbor. Every person is different and their style should reflect that.

As you can tell from this graphic, approximately 312 pieces are made into one size from one roll of fabric. Then those 312 pieces are distributed among consultants. We currently have over 40,000 consultants nationwide.

Sometimes, a print is so popular it gets snatched up in seconds. It is the demand of our customers that creates a “unicorn”, or a print that is very difficult to find.

However, you can have your own print that is deemed your personal unicorn. This is a print that creates such emotion within you that you HAVE to have it, yesterday! This becomes your unicorn and you then try to hunt it down from any consultant you can find.

When it comes right down to it, LuLaRoe has created some prints so rare that not many get the privilege of finding that perfect style regardless of how long they search.

Do you have a unicorn? Show me a picture in the comments. Maybe I can help you out….but no promises. After all, unicorn hunting can be hazardous to your health.

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