Uninfected Russia, introduces a number of measures to calm the public

Russia, with only a few confirmed cases of coronavirus, announces aggressive measures to calm the population. Does it work?...

Russia,according to official data, was one of the world’s most successful campaigns to halt the spread of the coronavirus, saying only about 10 cases in a vast country with 11 time zones and a border with China with a length of over 2600 miles.

So this week was a surprise when city authorities in Moscow suddenly announced large-scale measures.

In the decree, published Wednesday evening, the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin has ordered all residents who visit China, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, South Korea or other unspecified “gStates with unfavorable coronavirus situation“, report to the municipal authorities and local self-government bodies for the return to the capital and go to the “self-isolation” for two weeks. The United States is now also added to this list.

The decree Sobyanin, who declared “high alert” for the capital, causedno confidence, doubt and confusion, questioning why the city, where there are five officially registered cases had suddenly set a very strict control.

Last month, Russia closed its border with China and then banned all Chinese citizens to visit her, which led to the downfall of the tourism industry, heavily dependent on travelers from China. Flagship carrier Aeroflot said Wednesday that it cancels all flights to and from Hong Kong, starting this weekend.

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