University of Ghana Steps for Online Registration

University of Ghana Steps for Online Registration...

University of Ghana Steps for Online Registration

  1. Visit the MIS Web link.
  2. Type in your UG Student ID Number and UG 5-digit PIN (Follow the instructions on the website to print out your provisional admission letter to obtain your UG Student ID Number and UG 5-digit Pin.)
  3. Then click on “Login” to enter the registration system.
  4. Click on “Registration” under the Student iEnabler (on the left side of the screen).
  5. Click on “Submit Registration”.
  6. Then click on the “blue letters” under “Qualification Code” and select “Register for This Qualification
  7. Click on “Save and Continue” and register for GCCR101-General Course Confirming Registration by clicking on the small box close to GCCR101.

    Note that you will be required to undertake examination/course registration after Orientation.

  8. Click on “Save and Continue” to view the course you have selected.
  9. Then click on “Continue” to view the Registration Cost (Academic Facility User Fee).
  10. Click on “Accept Registration” to complete registration.
  11. Click on “Printer Friendly Format” and print proof of registration.
  12. Click on LOG-OUT to EXIT.



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