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836.865 wild pigs have been hunted to the hunters in season 2017/18. The are nearly 42 percent more than in the previous year.

About 16.7 million hours of hunting were necessary. The German hunting Association (DJV) has evaluated the hunting statistics for wild pigs: The hunters in the season 2017/18 (1. April to 31. March) imposes exactly 836.865 wild pigs. This is the highest ever recorded track. The first projections from the September were exceeded.

16.7 million hours of volunteer work in Germany, hunters contributed to the reduction in wild boar (photo: Jürgen Weber)

16.7 million hours for the disease prevention

“The hunters have played a significant part in the prevention of the African swine fever,” said DJV-Vice-President and veterinarian, Dr. Wolfgang Bethe the Numbers. At an average of 20 hours use per third Millennium full-HD animal Germany hunters have done in the last hunting year, a minimum of 16.7 million hours of volunteer work to stock reduction. This corresponds to minimum wage for a monetary performance of almost 148 million euros.

ASP: DJV calls for increased biosecurity

Life less pigs per area, spreading the Virus of African swine fever (ASF) is slower, the natural propagation speed is 20 kilometers per year. However, people are spreading the African swine fever Virus detection within the shortest period of time and hundreds of kilometers long: In September, the animal disease has broken out in Belgium, the closest to ASP sites are in Eastern Europe. Germany is so far free of ASP. In order to prevent a spread of the animal disease as far as possible, according to the DJV more biosecurity at railway stations, Parking lots, and border crossings. This lockable waste containers at rest areas, wild pig safe Zäunungen and education of travellers.

Less wild pigs are expected in the hunting season 2018/19

In many Parts of Germany, hunters are reporting much less killed piglets in the current hunting season 2018/19. Dr. Frank Tottewitz from the Thünen Institute for forest ecosystems, one of the causes in the late, severe frost periods in March 2018, with up to minus 17 degrees Celsius: The wild boar-young has this weather not freak probably survived in many places. The scientist assumes that the hunting range 2018/19 will therefore be lower.

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