UPSA 2017 / 2018 Application Deadline

UPSA 2017 / 2018 Application Deadline...

UPSA 2017 / 2018 Application Deadline

Read the Guidelines below carefully before you proceed with the application

TheUniversity of Professional Studies,Accrainvites applications from qualified applicants for admission to its Postgraduate, Undergraduate and Diplomaprogrammesfor the 2017/2018 academic year. Applicants should take note of the following instructions:

All qualified applicants are strongly advised to carefully read all relevant information including guidelinesand  admission requirements for undegraduateand postgraduate applicants before applying.

  1. The University now runs the following new programmes namely: Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science, Bachelor of Science in InformationTechnologyManagement, Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations Management, Diploma in Information Technology Management and Diploma in Public Relations Management.
  2. The Bachelor ofBusinessAdministrationprogrammehas no options. Applicants intending to do a first degree programme inAccountingare advised to opt for Bachelor of  Science in Accounting.
  3.  Applicants are to note the following sessions that are available for the various levels:
    (i) Undergraduate Programmes-Regular(Morning) Session is available for Level 100 applicants only, (ii) Undergraduate Programmes-Evening & Weekend Sessions are available for Level 100, Level 200 and Level 300 applicants (iii) Diploma Programmes-Regular (Morning) and Evening Sessions are available.
  4. Applicants for Level 100 Undergradute and Diploma programmes, who will be writing WASSCE in May/June 2017 are also eligible to apply. Such applicants are required to indicate their WASSCE index numbers and subjects on the on-line application forms.
  5.  All UPSA Diploma holders/graduatesincluding those who will graduate in July 2017 should indicate their STUDENT ID NUMBER on the on-line application forms.
  6. All mature aplicants are required to visit the Admissions Office (Room 7, New Administration Block) to undertake a registration exercise for mature access course and examinations after submitting the application on-line. For further information refer to the guidelines for mature applicants.
  7.  All applicants will be considered based on results equivalents and requirements as provided by National Council for TertiaryEducation(NCTE) and NationalAccreditationBoard (NAB) as well as the University’s own admission criteria.
  8. All applications must be submitted on-line at upon purchase of UPSA ON-LINE SERIAL NUMBERS (OSN) and completion of on-line admission forms.
  9. All applicants are to also note that a change of programme after the submission of the application will not be possble.
  10. All applicants are strongly advised to be mindful of any persons who may approach them under the pretext of assisting them gain admission to UPSA for a fee. This is because the process for admission to UPSA is very transparent.
  11. The extended deadline for application is Monday, 11th August, 2017. Please note that the online application form will not be available after the closing date. The application for the LLB programme will, however, end  on Friday, 23rd June, 2017 to make way for shortlisting of applicants for the entrance exam to be held on Wednesday, 28th June, 2017.

For further information please contact  the Admissions Office located  in  Room 7, Ground Floor, North Wing, Central Administration Block  or Telephone-0303-937544/0303-937542 or

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