UPSA Mature Applicants Admission Requirements And Guidelines 2017/2018

UPSA Mature Applicants Admission Requirements And Guidelines 2017/2018...

UPSA Mature Applicants Admission Requirements And Guidelines 2017/2018

Mature Applicants applying for admission must satisfy the following entry requirements:
 Attained a minimum age of twenty-five (25) years by Tuesday, 31st May, 2017.
 Show proof of age with birth certificate which is at least five (5) years old at the time of
 Must have at least three (3) years’ work experience and should be able to provide a letter
of appointment from their employer or show any proof of employment.
 Must possess at least credit passes in five (5) GCE ‘O’ Level subjects including English
Language andMathematicsor in the case of WASSCE or SSSCE/GBCE holders, at least
grade C6 or grade D respectively in five (5) subjects including English Language and
 Must pass the Mature Students’ Entrance Examination General Paper and selection
 Applicants with WASSCE grade D7/E8 or SSSCE/GBCE grade E or GCE ‘O’ Level grade
7/8 in English Language and Mathematics may apply but their admission would be subject
to their having passed the University’s Mature Special English Language and Special
Mathematics papers in addition to General Paper and selection interview.
Successful mature applicants would be placed at Level 100. Applicants with exceptional abilities
may however be admitted to Level 200 depending on their entry qualifications, outstanding
performance at the mature entrance examinations and selection interview as well as demonstrable
potential to cope with academic work at Level 200.
 General Paper : Four Hundred and FiftyGhanaCedis (GH¢450.00)
 Special Mathematics: Four HundredGhanaCedis (GH¢400.00)
 Special English : Four Hundred Ghana Cedis (GH¢400.00)
PAYMENTS: Payments could be made directly at any branch of Ecobank and present the pay-in-slip to the
UPSA Cash Office of theFinanceDirectorate for an official receipt.
Submit an official receipt of payment to the Admissions Office (Room 07) located on the Ground Floor,
North Wing, New Administration Block for registration on or before Monday, 30th May, 2017 together
with two (2) recently taken passport-size photographs.

Access Course will be organized for all prospective Mature Applicants who have paid their access course/
examination fees in full byMonday, 30th May, 2016.
The Course will cover the following subject areas:
(a) General Paper
 English Language
 Mathematics
 Quantitative Aptitude and Verbal Aptitude Tests
(b) Special Paper in Mathematics
(c) Special Paper in English Language
NOTE2: Applicants with WASSCE grades D7 & E8 or SSSCE/GBCE grade E or GCE ‘O’ Level grades 7
& 8 in either Mathematics or English Language or both will be required to take this/these examination (s).
Admission of such applicants would be subject to their passing the examination (s) and selection interview.
(ii) PERIOD FOR ACCESS COURSE: Tuesday, 31st May 2017 – Tuesday, 5th July, 2017
(iii) VENUE FOR ACCESS COURSE: To be announced later

Further information may be obtained from the Admissions Office via: Tel: 0303-937544/0303-937542 or
NOTE 3: Applicants should indicate boldly “MATURE” on top of the A-4 manila envelope before
Important Note: Applicants who do not meet any of the requirements above MUST NOT
APPLY. Fees paid to the University are NOT refundable.

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