USA ran the experiment modeling of a pandemic: challenges

Simulation of a pandemic in 2019 in the US showed how inefficient the health system and all the subsystems of the state in the spread of the virus....

The United States has carried out a detailed study to test the reaction of the Federal government in a fictional respiratory virus during the nine months of last year. The sobering results of the simulation is contained in the draft report dated October 2019, which were not previously reported, have shown how underfunded, insufficiently prepared and’re discordant, the Federal government in the battle of “life or death” with the virus, for which there was no treatment.

This scenario, code-named “Crimson tempest”, was modeled by the Ministry of health and social services administration trump in a series of exercises, which were held from January to August.

In this scenario, respiratory virus began in China and quickly spread around the world with passengers that have fallen ill with high temperature. In the United States it was first discovered in Chicago, and after 47 days, the world health organization announced the pandemic. By that time it was too late: the 110 million Americans were to get sick, resulting in 7.7 million were hospitalized and 586 000 died. In recent years, the government has not first studied its ability to combat the pandemic.

In the draft report, marked “not to be disclosed” detailed the repeated instances of “confusion” in the exercises. The Federal Agency made a joke over who was responsible. State officials and local hospitals struggled trying to figure out what equipment has been accumulated or available. Cities and States have gone their own way on the closure of schools.

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