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With the fresh start of the new year upon us everyone is talking about cleaning, clearing and organizing. What better time to clean, refresh and de-clutter your home than in early January?

Start by vacuuming the floors, then use the carpet cleaner to wash away the dirt, stains and debris left over from the holidays.

How Vacuum Cleaners Work, Step-by-Step Videos How Vacuum Cleaners Work, Step-by-Step Videos

If you have trouble with your vacuum cleaner, watch these helpful vacuum cleaner videos. They will  help you diagnose the problem with your unit, give you detailed step-by-step instructions on how to disassemble your machine, as well as show you how to find the model number for your particular vacuum cleaner. Knowing the model number will ensure that you purchase the correct vacuum cleaner parts for the brand and model of the vacuum cleaner you own.

The same is true for your carpet cleaner parts: whether you need a drive belt, a water pump, a filter or a brush-roll, you will find the part for your particular unit and can have it shipped overnight.

For all your appliance parts needs, repair videos, information, tips, repair help and more, visit this excellent online appliance parts resource.

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