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Washing Machine Parts and Resources

    • Parts for your washing machine
    • Part pictures for your washer
    • Washer repair videos – you need to go to particular parts (Sample Video)
    • Detailed illustrations and schematics of your washer
    • Information on how washing machine works
    • Diagnostic guidance in figuring out what is wrong with your washing machine
    • Email service to technical experts for help with your specific washer problem
    • Maintenance tips for your washing machine
    • Answers to common questions about your washer
    • Graphics and videos to help you locate your washing machine model number
    • Recall information for your washing machine
    • Error or fault codes for your washer

Washing Machine Model Number Finder

If you are unsure how to find the model number on your washer, here is a suggestion on where to look.

Where is my front load washer model number?

    • On door jamb of your front load washing machine
    • Inside the  door of your front load washing machine

Where is my top loading washer model number?

    • On top of your top loading washing machine
    • On back of your top loading washing machine
    • Under the lid of your top of your top loading washing machine
    • On the side wall of your top loading washing machine

Washing Machine Parts & Information Video Resource

Washing Machine Drive Motor Coupler Replacement Video

Visit for a large selection of helpful and instructive washing machine part replacement, maintenance and other videos.

Most Commonly Replaced Washing Machine Parts

Washing Machine Motor Coupling – Drive motor coupler

Washer Motor Coupling

Agitator Repair Kit – Washing machine agitator repair kit with a medium length cam

Agitator Repair Kit

Washing Machine Drain Pump – for belt-less direct-drive washer

Drain Pump

Washing Machine Lid Switch Assembly – If the washer fills and agitates, but does not drain or spin then the lid switch has likely failed

Lid Switch Assembly

Washer Selector Knob – Knob for selector switches on washing machines (and dryers)

Selector Knob

More Washing Machine Parts

Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Tips include checking and replacing your water hoses, adjusting leveling legs, and cleaning the door gasket.

To keep your washing machine running safely and efficiently, there are a few simple maintenance procedures you can perform.

First, inspect the water hoses to insure that they are undamaged. Regardless of their condition, these hoses should be replaced every five years. You can also install stainless steel hoses for increased durability. Be sure to turn off the hot and cold water valves before removing or installing the hoses.

Another important procedure is to level the washer’s legs. Most washing machines use adjustable legs with locking nuts. Level and tighten these legs as close to the washer base as possible. Some washers also have self-adjusting rear legs. Once you’ve leveled the front legs, tip the washer forward and then back down to set the rear legs. Use a level to insure that your washer is stable.

Consider using self-cleaning washer tablets during an empty wash cycle to keep the tub free of lint, residue, and mold. If you have a front load washer, you’ll need to wipe down the door boot. Leave the door slightly open after every load to prevent mold buildup.

Follow these simple guidelines, and your washing machine should be running great for years to come.

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