Westside Club Night with GROOV3 and Booiaka

Saturday, March 31, 2012, Ben Allen (GROOV3) and Tatiana Tamai (Booiaka) present Get Down on It, a dance night at Santa Monica's V Lounge....

Mar 20, 2012

Saturday night, March 31, Ben Allen of GROOV3 and Tatiana Tamai of Booiaka (the founders of two popular, beginner-friendly L.A. dance fitness workouts) are teaming up to bring you Get Down on It, a dance night at Santa Monica’s V Lounge. The group will have the club all to themselves from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, while Ben and Taty lead everyone in some simple, high-energy dance routines!

Afterward, all are encouraged to stay and dance the night away to hip hop and Top 40 songs! Because he’s expecting people to get good and sweaty, Ben suggests wearing a dance class outfit and appropriate workout shoes to the event, but bringing some club attire to change into at 8:30 when the mingling and socializing begins. (Ladies may change into heels if they like.)

Register in advance on the Get Down on It web site for $20, or pay at the door for $25.

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