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What does stg mean ? Meaning/definition examples

Using abbreviations while texting or online has been quite the trend for a while now. With new abbreviations popping from left and right, you can never be up to date; it is always evolving. Acronym like ‘lol’ (laughing out loud) being used to express one’s laughter and to show how funny one find the thing they are laughing about or at. Just like that ‘STG’ is being used to express one’s feeling towards certain thing or event.

We are going to tell you exactly what ‘ STG’ stands for and what it means etc. basically everything you need to know about ‘STG’. We are going to explain what this internet slang means in a simple questions and answers format.

What does ‘STG’ stand for?

This question is probably what drove you to our page and l have no intention to disappoint you in any form or shape so let me begin the simple explanation.
‘STG’ stands for ‘Swear to God’. You can also spell it in a lowercase form as ‘stg’, both of them are equally relevant and used.

What does ‘STG’ means?

If you want to know this slang means then stay with us. we now know what it stands for so we will now explain what ‘STG’ means; it is used to express your frustrations on a certain matter or at someone.

“Stg if SM doesn’t give Exo a comeback this year l am going to sue them”

It is short but impactful and also make you look modern and up to date. Using ‘stg’ helps you deliver your feeling and gives you a way for others to understand your frustration.

What does ‘STG’ mean on instagram, snapchat and text?

We have explained the meaning of this acronym in the above question. The meaning of ‘STG’ does not change on instagram,snapchat or on text. Instagram and snapchat being the trending social media, having millions of people using the app, is probably the home to the usage of ‘stg’.

Similar to many slangs, ‘stg’ is also majorly used by the younger generation rather the older one. So the meaning of ‘stg’ does not change on instagram, snapchat and on text as it is probably where it originated.

What does ‘STG’ mean in medical?

The only time the meaning of ‘STG’ would change is when it comes to medical just like the other slang word ‘ofc’.
Here is the list of examples of ‘what ‘STG’ stands for related to medical:
STG- String
STG- Short Term Goals
STG- Stargazer
STG- Stomatogastric Ganglion
STG- Superior Temporal Gyrus
STG- Sterigmatocystin
STG- Serum Triglycerides
STG- Stellate Ganglion
STG- Split- thickness graft
STG- Standard Treatment Guidelines
STG- Special Transitional Grant
STG- Special Tasks Group

Examples of ‘STG’ in sentences:

“Stg if she screams one more time lmma go punch her”
“Stg if you bullshit one more you’re dead”
“Omg if he shows his abs … stg lmma faint”

This is all we got for ‘STG’ and l hope by now you know what ‘STG’ stands for, mean on text/ social media and medical. ‘Stg’ is a strong and impactful acronym; if you want to show how strongly you feel about something, use ‘stg’ but of course use it appropriately.

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