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Which Are The Top 10 Law Schools In The World?

By Todd Peterson –

“Which are top 10 law schools in the world?” How often do you ask this question? My guess is many times if you are thinking of a career in law. Like any other individual planning to pursue a career in Law, you are interested in getting top notch education. This is the only way to you will gain the best knowledge and also improve your career progression. However, it isn’t always easy to identify good schools from the many institutions worldwide. In fact, you will be overwhelmed by the numerous choices and reviews.

There is no denying that you need the right knowledge and skills to be successful in your career. This is no different when it comes to the law profession. Apart from your intellectual ability you need a certain set of skills to be successful in this field. Fortunately you can hone these skills during your study and there is no better place to do this than in a top ranked institution. Below are the top 10 law schools in the world where you are guaranteed of getting a quality education to kick start you career and a chance to rub shoulders with the next generation of experts in the legal field. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of the best 10 Law Schools in the world in 2015 adapted

10.Columbia University

This is a private university located in New York City. Apart from its prime location, the institution is known as a leading research center where both undergraduates and graduate students get all the resources required to learn and become experts in their chosen fields. The university attracts students from all over the world hence training programs are designed to give learners a global perspective on relevant issues and ensure they are competent to handle global issues. The institution’s faculty is just as diverse with the Columbia Law School boasting of over 300 full and part time faculty members.

Columbia University is one of the leading higher learning institutions in not only the United States but also globally. However, it is most distinguished when it comes to offering Law courses to both undergraduate as well as postgraduate students. Over the years, the Law School has produced prominent figures and top notch lawyers from all over the world. With an academic reputation Score of 89.4, employee reputation of 83.6, the highly acclaimed institution achieves an overall score of 88.3. The University takes the 10th slot on our list.

9. The University of California, Berkeley

This is a leading public academic institution that boasts of acclaimed faculty in different areas ranging from Nobel Laureates to Guggenheim Fellows. The university is also renowned for its large and well equipped facilities such as laboratories and libraries where students get most of the materials required to complete and excel in their studies. The student body in this institution is quite diverse and if the attention that the institution receives from all quarters is anything to go by, this is the place to be if you want to be an expert in law or in any other fields that you choose.

Popularly known as “Cal,” The University of California, Berkeley is one of the revered higher learning initiations especially when it comes to Law courses. Well-known for its state-of-the-art laboratories and libraries, the University has continued to produce world-class students who are making an impact in the world. It also prides on having one of the best faculties in the world that include: 7 Nobel Laureates, 141 Guggenheim Fellows, 225 Academy of Arts & Sciences members, Poet Laureate Emeritus of the United States, and many others. With an overall score of 97.2, Academic reputation of 100, and Employee Reputation of 90.9, Cal takes the 9th position in our list.

8. The University of Melbourne Law School

This is one of the leading public institutions in Australia. The university is a reputable teaching and research center that has been churning experts in different fields for over a century and a half. Because of its quality, diverse and highly innovative programs and perhaps the awesome Melbourne weather most of the year, the university attracts students from over 150 countries. International student population here stands at an impressive 30% which tells a lot about the institution’s global reputation, collaborations and networks.

The University of Melbourne is not only a top performer in Australia but in the world as well. Started more than 150 years ago, the academic institution has continued to excel in different disciplines with Law being one of the most distinctive. Great focus is placed on research, teaching, and also equipping the Law students both undergraduate and graduate with world-class skills. The institution enjoys a diverse culture with students from all over the world fighting for a place in the prestigious university. Its score for employee reputation is 87.9, academic reputation 85.6 and overall score is 86.4. Take a look at x to see why the University of Melbourne is number 8 for Law studies worldwide.

7. The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

This university is known as a center for excellence not just in economics and political science but also in other fields such as law, social sciences and finance just to mention but a few. Having been ranked severally as the top university in London and with a growing number of notable alumni that include 16 Nobel Prize winners this institutions record speaks for itself. The university is located in the heart London but has global links and partnership and its student body comprise of individuals from all corners in the world

You probably know The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) for producing top economists and political scientists, but, are you aware it holds the bragging rights as one of the most prominent Law schools in the world? Started in 1895 by Sidney and Beatrice Webb, the school is among the oldest higher learning institutions in the world. The UK based institution has produced 16 Nobel laureates, a clear indication of its academic excellence. It scores 92.3 for employee reputation, 100 for academic reputation, and an overall score of 94.8.

6. Stanford University Law School

Stanford University is another leading institution best known for its faculties and research. This university in California welcomes men and women from all corners of the world and offers them a remarkable variety of study programs. Facilities are well equipped to provide the right environment to learn for thousands of students in different disciplines. Almost a third of the student population which is approximately 8000 consists of international students who come to advance their knowledge and be a part of the leading institution where teaching and cutting edge research is concerned

Stanford takes the 6th position in our list of the top 10 law schools in the world. The US-based higher learning institution is one of the best universities in not only Law but other disciplines as well. This is attributed to the Universities highly qualified staff, great emphasis on producing exceptional graduates, and also world-class learning facilities. The competition to join the University is also fierce and explains why a third of the students come from outside the US. Its score for employee reputation is 94.9, academic reputation is 93.1, and overall score is 94.8. Take time and learn more about Stanford by visiting

5. New York University Law School

This is yet another top rated university in this great city. The university was originally established to cater for students from all walks of life and allows them a chance to learn and get the necessary skills to excel in a fast changing world. The university ideals remain the same and close to 40,000 students are currently enrolled in its campuses in Manhattan and its study abroad programs in different countries around the world. The institution offers a wide variety of programs and is known to provide comprehensive training in all fields.

Started more than 170 years ago by Albert Gallatin, New York University (NYU) has dominated the academic scene ever since. The goal of the founding father was to equip students from all walks of life with quality education and skills. It didn’t matter the religion, race, social class, or nationality. Well, this is something the institution has stuck to date. It enjoys a high population of more than 40, 000 students from different parts of the world. With an academic reputation score of 100, employee reputation of 73.5, and an overall score of 97.2, NYU takes the sixth slot. For more details about the university

4. Yale University Law School

Established in the early 1700s, this university has been operating for close to four centuries and producing academic giants for just as long. The institutions school of law was started much later in the year 1843 and has over the years become a center where leading legal professionals are made. The university keeps abreast with the changes occurring in the world and tailors all its programs to match these changes. This perhaps explains why the institution is recognized not just in the US but in the rest of the world as well.

When the name Yale is mentioned, what come to mind are top scholars, prestige, and crème de la crème lawyers. Started in 1701 in Abraham Pierson’s home, the Collegiate School has grown and become one of the best universities globally. From its humble beginnings, it has become one of the highly sort after Law schools in the world. Yale produces some of the best lawyers and professors in the world. It scores 89.2 for employee reputation, 96.3 for academic reputation, and 93.7 overall. The Institution has been around for more than four centuries and claims the 4th position on the top universities for Law.

3. Oxford University Law School

This is the oldest university in Europe having being in existence for nine centuries. The university is known as a global leader in teaching and research and allows a place for learners to be innovative and get the skills required for success in the 21st century. The University of Oxford has consistently appeared as a leading university in the UK and has 39 colleges, quite a diversity of programs and a population of close to 20,000 students. About a quarter of this population comprise of international students drawn from over 130 nationalities.

In addition to boasting of being the oldest higher learning institution in the UK, Oxford University also has one of the best Law schools. The university has been in existence for more than nine centuries having been started around 1096. Renowned for being a centre for teaching and research, Oxford places great emphasis on top notch education. It’s score of 100 for both academic and overall places it at position 3. For more insight on its law school, visit

2. University of Cambridge Law School

This is one of the most famous institutions known not just for its academic excellence but also for its buildings. The University of Cambridge is one of the oldest universities in the UK and boasts of a rich museum and an equally impressive collection of buildings and colleges that attract numerous visitors every year. The institution is also known to offer world-class programs, extensive learning resources and a chance for students from all corners of the world to get to interact with scholars and learn from the best in all fields.

The list would never been complete without mentioning the University of Cambridge. The UK-based learning institution takes the second position on our list. Besides being one of the oldest, it is also the largest university in the UK. It has great reputation for academic excellence and scored 100. Students who study at Cambridge end up working for top law firms worldwide. Its employee reputation score of 99.7and overall score of 97.10 makes the University of Cambridge the second best Law University. Visit

  1. Harvard Law School

The list of top 10 law schools in the world cannot be complete without mentioning the number one law school in the world. Harvard University was established in Massachusetts in the 1600s and has grown over the years to include 10 academic units. The university is recognized as a top institution the world over and is continually advancing its programs to match the changes and advances happening in the world.

To many, Harvard College is in a class of its own. Despite having been established in 1636, this great institution has without-a-doubt produced the best brains in the world. It is well-known for its exceptional educational system, and distinguished study culture. The University’s population is more than 18,000 students from all over the world. With an employee reputation of 96.6, academic reputation of 99.4, and overall score of 97.40, Harvard College takes the crown for being the top university for Law in 2015. Learn more by visiting


There you have it. The best law schools in the world. Our research takes into account the quality of education, availability of resources, student-teacher interaction, and reputation. By choosing to enroll in any of the above mentioned schools, you will not only gain quality and up-to-date education but hands-on-skills as well. Furthermore, you also become more competitive in the market. Join one of the top 10 law schools in the world for a fruitful career.

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