White Beach de Boracay

Address: Station 1 Balabag, Boat Station 1, Boracay / Caticlan, Philippines

Editor Reviews:

Strategically located at Station 1, the center of the area, this affordable beach front hotel is an ideal escape completely to another paradise. For making accessing easy, the house is near all famous places, establishments, and several beautiful spots you need to see for a affordable price. Staying here, guests will enjoy interesting outdoor recreation including snorkeling, parasailing, jet skiing, fishing and etc.

White Beach de Boracay

Offering 2 kinds of accommodations, the first is beachfront, appropriate top of Yellow Cab and Havaianas along with the second some may be 2-3 minutes off the beachfront rooms but is just one minute’s walk within the beach. Immense while in the breath-taking sunset and are available dance on the beat and see the exhilarating other of Boracay. White Beach de Boracay produces a blissful stay.

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