Who picks up the risk assessment to the highest level

The world health organization on Friday raised its assessment of the global risk of coronavirus from “high” to “very high“, which was the most serious rating in the new four-stage warning system.

It’s a reality check for every government on the planet, “said Dr. Michael J. Ryan, Deputy Director of the emergency programme in the field of health. “Get up. Get ready. This virus can be in the way.

The rating considers the risks of an uncontrolled spread of the virus and its consequences.

Representatives of health care, the United States gave an equally alarming estimates, although the President trump has downplayed the threat.

W. H. O. has not officially used the word “pandemic” is often defined as a worldwide spread of a new disease, but many experts in healthcare say that the epidemic of the coronavirus was one or will be soon.

In a new report, the organization praised the aggressive quarantine the approach taken by China, where the epidemic began and was most of the time. After the initial outbreak is under control in Wuhan city, the government closed the entire city shut down the transportation network and schools, and isolated many people who could be exposed to.

A bold approach of China to curb the rapid spread of this new respiratory pathogen that changed the course of the rapidly growing and deadly epidemic“, the report says, noting that the number of new confirmed infections has decreased from more than 2000 to several hundred in a day.

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