Wolf pendant in black book

Congratulations! In lower Saxony, has managed the special trailer for the injured wolves to the black book.

Wolf Advisor Helge Stummeyer in the spring of 2017, the special design – was used in the trailer, however, not a single Time (photo: Julian Stratenschulte/dpa)

A year after, in his view, the most serious cases of tax shall designate the Federal taxpayers ‘ waste of money. In the 46. Black book identified by the Association in the Hanover Region, purchased the ambulance for wolves as a bizarre waste of taxpayers ‘ money. It’s a mystery to be had, so why, of all things, the Hannover Region for the implementation of this 11,000 euros expensive experiment called seen. There are areas where the Wolf was significantly more likely to be found. The trailer had been used since its acquisition, not a single Time, since there was no use of options.

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