World championship for pointing dogs to 2018 in the heart of Spain

This year, the world held hunting championship in Torrjios in the Region of Castilla-La Mancha in Spain (about an hour’s drive South of Madrid).

This Region is one of the finest small game-hunting areas in Spain. The hunt serves not only recreation, but also represents a way of life and at the same time serves as an economic factor. The hunting areas are characterized by large open spaces, which are lined with plots of vines, olive trees, bushes and hedges.

In all competitions Rothühner were hunted, which turned out to be particularly difficult for dog and hunter. In contrast to the pheasant, the red-legged partridge is expressed rarely.

(V. l. n. r.) Nadja Jeuschede, K. P. Dyer, Kai Uwe Steeg, Björn Eckert award ceremony (photo: Private)

The red-legged partridge chains run and fly only when the pressure of the dog and hunter. This happened in many cases 20 – 30 m in front of the dog, which made a compliance with hunting principles shot impossible.

Particularly, this fact made the hunters in the discipline of St. Hubert. This is a reflection of the dog, i.e., search, style, Protrude, Tighten, lost, find, and Bring, as well as the hunters, i.e., weapons handling, safety and shooting skill. Maximum points are scored if two Rothühner, to secure, to Preside, to be killed with one shot and the hunting partner to this safe and fetching.

Some hunting teams have found five Rothühner, but succumbed to none, because these smears in the direction of the judge or on the other side of a Bush or far away from the hunter climbs. Therefore, it is of great advantage, if the hunting partner is Projecting to correct and Tighten on command, jumped in, and immediately stops as soon as the red-legged partridge flies. Thus, the position of the hunters optimally, so that no Person is endangered, and a safe shot can be made.

A total of 17 Nations participated in the world hunting championship.

The German Team was represented by:

– Klaus-Peter Dyer (Team Manager)

English pointing dogs: Petra Labarre with your Pointer, females, Field, flyer, Henna, Field Flyers Hester, as well as Field Flyers First Flower and Nadja Jeuschede with their English Setter bitch Cuba Libre from the Falkensmoat.

Continental pointing dogs: Kai Uwe Steeg with his Magyar Vizsla males Baru from the Schimberg and Björn Eckert with his Magyar Vizsla males Campo from the Schimberg

In the year 2018, the German team was able to secure some title. Nadja Jeuschede was, after a fantastic performance, Vice-world champion in the discipline of Saint-Hubert singles. The world champion title went to Christine Due from Denmark and Nikolina Koscevic from Croatia was delighted to receive third place.

Kai Steeg and Björn Eckert were able to secure outstanding performance in the respective groups, the Vice-champion title of the St. Hubert’s Team. You had to give only Italy failed to refer Portugal to the third place.

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