Yahoo – Configuration (POP3) in Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird etc

It is possible to use a box with a Yahoo! Mail email program (Outlook, Thunderbird …) but for using it this way, there are 2 solutions:

SOLUTION 1: With “Yahoo Direct” activation

  1. Go to your Yahoo! Mail account.
  2. Top right, click on “Mail Options”
  3. On the screen that appears, choose the option “Forwarding and POP”
  4. Subscription page to Yahoo Direct is -> this is the condition for Yahoo enables delivery of your mail.
  5. Fill some pages (check at least one box) and confirm
  6. On the last screen, check the box “Web Access and Pop”
  7. Click “OK” and you’re done!

You just have to configure your email software.

To do this, write down the addresses of POP and SMTP for Yahoo.

SOLUTION 2: Without “Yahoo Direct”

Using YahooPOPs

Nowadays have a Yahoo account is a big trend since the latter has a large memory capacity and features very attractive. But alas, a connection to the site is required. YahooPOPs with, you have the ability to view and respond to emails without connecting to the Yahoo site.


Yahoo POP server: indeed, YahooPOPs behaves as the Post Office Protocol server Yahoo. It recovers emails found on Yahoo. To do this, simply create the software (connected to a TCP / IP) a new account with your password and username on Yahoo. But it must be specified as server “POP3 locahost.”

Access Inbox: After creating the new account, the user will then have access to their inbox. Here it is possible to recover your mails, read them, leave them in the inbox or delete them.

Security: To prevent others from using the software for you, remember that the password used is the same as your Yahoo email. It can also be configured to record the traces of all the actions performed on YahooPOPs! The icon can be hidden YahooPOPs so it does not appear in the task bar, freeing up space for other applications.

Using SendYmail

Please follow Instructions at

Using yosucker

Please follow Instructions at

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