YNS DTLA Semiannual Open House Features Free Classes

Your Neighborhood Studio DTLA, a recreational dance studio in downtown Los Angeles, offers five hours of free 30-minute classes at its Semiannual Open House....

May 17, 2014

This Sunday afternoon, Your Neighborhood Studio DTLA will offer free 30-minute classes from 1:30 to 6:30 PM at its Semiannual Open House. In addition to hip hop and jazz funk influenced offerings, the afternoon will offer a variety of African and African fusion styles, NYC Mambo, Samba Reggae, and more.

The regular schedule at YNS DTLA now offers a mix of over 20 recreational dance fitness classes per week, including Hip Hop with Kenan Peters. Kenan, who started his original L.A.-area class on the East Side and also teaches in Long Beach, won’t be teaching at Sunday’s event. But if you enjoy the open house and want to get a stronger feel for YNS DTLA’s hip hop offerings, you can catch Kenan teaching Hip Hop on Tuesday night, 7-8 PM, then stay for Urban Diva Hop with Karma Raines and Breakin’ with Aaron Groome.

YNS DTLA Semiannual Open House Schedule

Schedule is subject to change.

1:30 PM: Afro Brazilian with Rachel
2:00 PM: Dancehall with Jessi
2:30 PM: West African with Willy
3:00 PM: Pop Video with CeCe
3:30 PM: Yoga Booty Ballet with Agatha
4:00 PM: Afro Contemporary with Marina
4:30 PM: Cardio Hip House with Sara
5:00 PM: AfroFunkDance with Tanita
5:30 PM: NYC Mambo with Lyrik & Evelyn
6:00 PM: Samba Reggae with Slleyk

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