2018 BECE Examination for Private Candidates

2018 BECE Examination for Private Candidates...

2018 BECE Examination for Private Candidates

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) wishes to inform the public that the registration for the BasicEducationCertificate Examination for Private Candidates (BECE-PC) , 2018 begins on 2nd October, 2017 and ends 30th November, 2017.


For detailed information on how to register, prospective candidates are to log onto the WAEC website www.waecgh.org. Candidates should read the Manual for Registration available on the website before proceeding to register.Registration for the examination is biometric and online for all candidates.


Candidates are required to capture their fingerprints at the internet cafès with the requisite equipment to begin registration. Candidates may continue the registration process anywhere on their own after the capture of fingerprints.Without the fingerprints of the bona fide candidate, the registration is null and void.

Please note the website for the registration is www.waecgh.org


Upon submission of their entries online, candidates should print an invoice which they would submit to a participating bank to effect payment by cash.

The registration shall become valid only after the payment has been effected.


Two categories of prospective candidates are permitted to register for the examination.

  1. Re-sitters :This consists of candidates who previously sat for the BECE but could not make the required grade(s). The candidate must provide his/her index number for the last sitting and the year of the examination.
  2. First-timers :Candidate must be 16 years and above. The candidate will be required to provide his/her date of birth during the registration.

Kindly note that it is illegal for School Candidates (JHS students) to enter for this examination.

The following documents will be available online at the time of registration:

  1. Notes for the Guidance of Candidates
  2. Directions to Candidates
  3. Timetable
  4. Fee Schedule

This is a private examination and therefore candidates would not receive any subsidy from the government.


i. Candidates should read the entire Manual for Registration carefully and follow the instructions.

ii. After submission of entries, requests for change of date of birth will not be entertained.

iii. Candidates are advised to make payments directly toparticipatingbanks onlyand NOTthrough internet cafè operators.

Note it begins on2nd October, 2017and ends30th November, 2017.

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