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I love getting information from lists. They are fun to study and examine. They are a great way to get a lot of information packed into a short space. I remember in the 70s you could buy books just full of lists. As young kids my friends and I loved to look at these list books and read them to each other, just like we loved looking at the Guinness Book of World Records.

Now we have the internet and often we have TOO much information. Sometimes I will add the word “list” to my Google searches hoping that I will get a compact source of information. Unfortunately, some of the searches for lists lead to websites where the information is still on multiple pages and not all in one page like I want.

I wanted to create a site where I could add lists of things that people want to know about. A place where I could add lists of things I am personally interested in. For example a list of food types that I can use at my office when I am ready to go out to eat and can’t figure out what type of restaurant to go to.

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This site is dedicated to lists that people want. It was started in the Fall of 2015.

Welcome Page

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