List Of Toothless Dragon Toys

Toothless is a dragon in the DreamWorks How to Train your Dragon movies. His breed is a Night Fury, a superior type of dragon that is clever, rare and can move at lightning speeds. It is assumed that Toothless is the last of his kind. Toothless is black in color, about 20 years old and has retractable teeth and a toothless smile, hence his name.

Toothless is the pet of a young Viking named Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III. Originally, Toothless was injured by Hiccup, who shot him down with a Bola Launcher, trying to prove himself to his father. However, when he found the injured dragon, Hiccup felt empathy for him and instead of killing him, he nursed Toothless back to health, even crafting a prosthetic part of the tail, so that Toothless can fly again after his injury. Toothless is a loyal and protective ally to Hiccup.

Hiccup and Toothless become inseparable and Hiccup becomes an unmatched dragon trainer as he is able to learn appeasement techniques on his dragon. In the end, he is able to prove to his Viking tribe that dragons do not have to be considered a threat to the people and that they do not have to be killed or fought with. He is able to teach his people that with love and patience, dragons can be great companions and can enrich the Vikings lives. Together, Hiccup and Toothless are able to end the dragon war.

How to Train your Dragon is a heartwarming story about the dangers of blind discrimination. As with most successful franchises, there is lots of cool How to Train your Dragon merchandise available. Let’s take a look at our favorites for the dragon lover in your home!

1. RoomMates How to Train Your Dragon 2 Hiccup & Toothless Peel and Stick Giant Wall Decals

List Of Toothless Dragon Toys

Transform a child’s room into a magical, faraway land with these How to Train your Dragon wall decals. Decals are a great option for temporary decorating solutions and quickly and easily make a child’s room into a special haven. These decals are easy to apply and remove and adhere to any smooth surface. Your child can reposition them at will, as they do not leave glue on the walls. A nice feature of these wall decals is that they are quite large and the dragon and his toothless smile can be seen from across the room!

2. CMLART How to Train Your Dragon Toothless 3D Lamp Night 7 Color Change Best Gift Night Light LED

List Of Toothless Dragon Toys

Kids can sleep soundly knowing that the mighty night fury Toothless dragon is watching over them! This nightlight features a SMART button that easily turns the light on and off, as well as allows the user to switch between 7 different colors or a flashing setting. The neutral-looking base projects a (very cute) warm, soft 3D picture of Toothless on the wall. It plugs into a wall or a USB port, does not get hot with long periods of use and conserves energy.

3. How to Train Your Dragon: Paperback Gift Set

List Of Toothless Dragon Toys

This box set is the complete series of How to Train your Dragon books by English author, Cressida Cowell. It is appropriate for 8-11 year olds. Any fan of the How to Train your Dragon movies or the TV series will love this set. These books will entertain and encourage children to read. They can also be an awesome bedtime story for you to enjoy reading with your child. You will have them begging you to read just one more chapter! Not only will this book set provide your child with hours of adventurous entertainment, but you can feel good about it as they will be learning, stimulating their imaginations, expanding their vocabulary, and taking time-out from the digital world. Also, there’s no need to worry about arguments if you have more than one child; each book features its own individual plot line, so the books do not need to be read in any specific order.

4. DreamWorks Dragons Defenders of Berk – Squeeze & Growl Toothless

List Of Toothless Dragon Toys

Real dragons may be hard and scaly, but this soft, plush doll is the perfect snuggling buddy for a child. This Toothless toy is made out a velvety plush material. He is also true to the movie and is super cute. He growls and purrs loudly when squeezed. He also has luminescent scales on his body. The batteries are included with the set and are easy to replace.

5. How to Train Your Dragon 2 Sheep Launcher Game

List Of Toothless Dragon Toys

This board game is appropriate for ages 5+ and delivers fun and adventure for the whole family! Each player selects a dragon and places it on the board. You collect points and move your dragon every time you are able to toss a sheep into one of the baskets from your catapult. This game will get your little dragon trainer laughing and interacting. It is also fun for adults. It does not require players to have seen the movie and is easy to understand even for little ones.

Hiccup and Toothless have captured the hearts of people around the world. Their beautiful friendship proves the dangers of blind hatred and to trust your own mind and judgment instead of thoughtlessly following the crowd. All parents can get behind this message. The products above allow your child to bring their favorite characters from How to Train your Dragon to life. They will stimulate their minds, encourage them to play and inspire imaginative games. Some will offer comfort, some will encourage children to read, and others will simply provide the company of a loyal and trusted friend.

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