What Makes an Ex Come Back

Probably, we all can remember a situation when exes appeared in our life again after a breakup. This happens in different ways: someone just starts with a message “Hello, how are you?” and someone immediately goes to an apology and begs us to start everything again. And then a difficult choice arises: what does this person want from me? There are 6 reasons for this.

·   They just forgot all the bad

This is a bit naive, nonetheless, quite an adequate way to explain why your ex came back. Everyone knows about the features of the human brain and psyche – we forget the bad and keep only the good in the head. If enough time has passed, then the reasons for the breakup were simply forgotten. Perhaps they also disappeared from your head. And then both ask a question: “Why did we break up at all?” and they begin to make attempts to restore relationships or at least communicate. It is especially relevant for a long-distance relationship. 

What Makes an Ex Come Back

·   They want to assert themselves

If people want to revenge for something, then there is a chance that they come back to show how good they are. Of course, if everything is pretty cool in your life too, they won’t be able to achieve the desired result. But if big changes don’t happen in your life after the breakup, then it will work out. And if you are the initiator of the breakup, they will do their best to tell (or show) who you lost.

Another option for self-assertion may be a desire to check whether they have not lost their skills in the art of seduction. If they break into your life, tempts and commands your heart again, and controls your feelings – they assert themselves this way. And once they get what they want, they will run away again.

· You have changed

Many people break up despite their feelings. They still love, but they see that the relationship is not developing. Partners don’t want to take responsibility, are in no hurry to start a family, and so on. In this case, exes may come back if they see that their partners have changed. So, if it is about you, you have to consider everything. Maybe you can give a chance to your ex. 

·   Feelings have not cooled

Couples break up even with a lot of love – every third person will confirm this. The reasons can be the most diverse: incompatible temperaments, bitter resentment, jealousy, understatement, lack of seriousness, reluctance to understand each other, etc. People can either stay alone or go into an active search. But still, nothing helps them forget their feelings for ex-lovers. Loneliness, as a rule, serves as a pass for the revaluation.

· Plan B

You have been together for a long time, and they know that you are a person they can always rely on. Whatever the matter. Stability and reliability are about you. Since they left you, they may have had more than one relationship, but their partners didn’t have such qualities. Returning, they don’t necessarily love you. Most likely, they just need a good and reliable person.

It is possible to revive love in such a relationship. But if you are happy with the way you live, and you have a person who loves you (you are sure of it), explain to your ex-partner that it is better to stay away from you.

· They just need something from you

This is one of the most common reasons. Perhaps you have some useful skills for them, things, contacts, and so on. In general, they pursue selfish goals. The logic here is simple: why refer to someone when there is an ex? Of course, you will not fulfill their request the very second when they knock on your door. They don’t count on this. But they can wait until you fall in love again and, having lulled your vigilance, will reveal all the cards.

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