53-year-old Steve Walsh is the leader in the spread of the coronavirus in UK

11 people were infected from a 53 year old citizen of UK. Steve Walsh inadvertently spread infection in flights between the two countries....

53-year-old scout leader Steve Walsh has been named as a super distributor Covid-19 in the UK, only 1 person inadvertently gave the coronavirus at least 11 people.

In a statement issued Tuesday morning, Mr. Walsh said he was “fully recovered”, but remains in quarantine in London hospital.

In the UK concern is growing, as the number of cases of coronavirus has doubled in 24 hours. Speaking in the house of Commons, health Minister Matt Hancock said that the situation “will get worse before it gets better.”

Police have been granted special powers for compulsory admission of patients to the quarantine. In Brighton the second branch of the closed GP surgery is closed this morning due to panic and fear of the coronavirus.

This comes at a time when the world health organization announced the official name of the coronavirus: Covid-19.

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