A Guide to Yahoo mail

What is Yahoo! Mail?

Yahoo! Mail is an email service that allows you to communicate easily and stay updated with friends and family from any computer or mobile device that has access to the Internet.

What are the potential risks on Yahoo! Mail?

  1. Just like in the place where you live, the Yahoo! Mail community may be exposed to certain risks, such as receiving unwanted messages. Yahoo! Mail has several security features, but it is essential to know how to protect.
  2. Start by consulting our general tips for online safety and keep them in mind when you use the service Yahoo! Mail.
  3. Protect your personal information. If you exchange emails with strangers, you risk disclosing personal information that could be used to identify your location. Avoid opening unsolicited messages and provide private information to strangers.
  4. Report harassment. If a stranger contacts you via e-mail or trying to start a instant messaging conversation may expose you to unpleasant, offensive or sexually. Think carefully about who you want to communicate and which to ignore.
  5. Indicates the presence of inappropriate content. Often spam messages promoting pornographic websites that most of the time contain images or links to other websites intended for an adult audience. Never click on a link in an email sent by a stranger.
  6. Watch out for impersonations. Someone could use your identity by creating a Yahoo! account and send annoying e-mails in your name. Report to Yahoo! abuses of this type.
  7. Flip before opening an e-mail. Viruses are computer programs that can damage software, data and / or hardware. As they may arrive via e-mail, Yahoo! Mail has an automatic and free of virus scanning and cleaning, however, does not detect all kinds of viruses. For added protection, do not open any e-mails or attachments from strangers.
  8. Chat.’s Chat feature of Yahoo! Mail allows you to exchange messages in real time with your contacts. The use of chat is forbidden to Yahoo! users under the age of 14 years. In online chat there is a risk of running into unpleasant encounters, sexual or using offensive language, as well as to prove to people who may try to contact you by phone or in person.
  9. To further reduce these risks, examine the security features of Yahoo! Mail, learn how to report abuse, and ask for help from your family and friends to use Yahoo! Mail remains protected.

What safety features can contribute to my personal safety of Yahoo! Mail?

  1. You can see the many security features available by clicking Help at the top of any page Mail. The following are additional features and tips that will help you use Yahoo! Mail safely.
  2. Delete messages. Represents the easiest way to get rid of offensive messages or misunderstandings.
  3. Block an address. If you continue to receive messages of this type by the same person, you can block your e-mail address. Messages from blocked addresses will be deleted automatically without you see them.
  4. Block images.’s Images attached to incoming messages may contain content inappropriate or sexual. For added protection, use the lock feature images of Yahoo! Mail.
  5. Use the filters. Filters automatically sort incoming messages according to certain settings established. For example, a filter could automatically insert messages sent by relatives in a folder named “Relatives”. You can also create filters to add unwanted messages directly to Trash. Once set, you can edit or delete them with ease.
  6. Use SpamGuard. Filters SpamGuard Yahoo! Mail filter a large number of spam that might appear in your Inbox.
  7. Mark individual messages as spam. If a spam message is identified by SpamGuard and then you receive in your Inbox, you can manually mark it as spam. This allows to eliminate it and to do so in the future SpamGuard recognizes messages of this type.

Explore your settings Yahoo! Pulse Updates.

In Yahoo! Mail is integrated Yahoo! Pulse , a service that offers a variety of activities based mainly on public content created on Yahoo!. In Yahoo! Mail, you can see updates made by some of your Yahoo! contacts, as well as connections to Yahoo! Pulse.

Check your settings Yahoo! Pulse so you know who can see the content that you post. By default, all users older can see what you post. For users under the age of 18 years, you have different default settings depending on age.

You can easily limit views of your updates by editing the controls for each specific activity (such as sharing photos on Flickr or posting comments on articles Yahoo! News) or by disabling the entire stream of updates.

How do I report problems on Yahoo! Mail?

Yahoo! Mail is available in a form of customer with whom you can report abuse relating to harassment by e-mail or impersonations. Use this form to report any violations of the Terms of Service Yahoo! . Please provide detailed information about the sender and the message contents harassing.

Yahoo! customer care team will take all necessary measures, which may include disabling the account of the user who made the abuse.

What can I do to use Yahoo! Mail in a safer manner?

Examines the general tips for online safety , which include safeguarding your identity online, keeping passwords secret, being cautious about contact with strangers and creating a family pledge for online safety.

If you are exposed to obscene language, mature content, threats of physical violence, harassment or anything else that violates the Yahoo! Terms of Service, please report the abuse.

Yahoo! is committed to providing a safer online experience for all. The protection of the young people online is a responsibility shared with parents, teachers and other caregivers.

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