About School of Public Health KNUST

About School of Public Health KNUST...

About School of Public Health KNUST

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science andTechnologyenvisions a future in which this reputable institution advances knowledge in science and technology for sustainable development in Africa. The School of PublicHealthis therefore founded on these core principles to provide an enabling environment for the achievement of this dream for the entire university. Hence, we dream to build theKNUST-School ofPublic Healthinto a social movement that supports collective public healthaction at all levels of society—personal, community,national, regional, global, and planetary. By pursuing this dream, the School will be the most competitive centre of excellence, and preferred destination for publichealthtraining, research and community service in the sub-region.

Our objectives are:

  1. To protect and promote health and well being
  2. To prevent disease and disability
  3. To eliminate conditions that harm health and well being
  4. To fosterresilience and adaptation.

The School will therefore seek to promote knowledge as one source of social transformation, and the right to realize progressively, the highest attainable levels of health and well being. Together with empowered communities, we can demand health action from leadership at all levels. By conducting cutting-edge translational research in public health domains at all levels. We shall also be seeking to translate science into evidence-based policies,programmesand practice – advancing knowledge in science and technology for sustainable development. The School will work as an innovator, partner, advocate and a convener to bridge the gap between knowledge and implementation, and promote access to universal health coverage.


The school shall also focus on four (4) pillars of work to realize our mission:

Fill critical gaps in knowledge and generate new evidence to support action – we have demonstrated that, nationally representative population-based surveys can be conducted using an innovative mobile-assisted data and dissemination system with a rapid turnaround time to inform programming. We shall build on this platform to undertake public health research that is demanded by communities, programmers and policy makers.

Translate evidence into policies, programmes and practice by using dialogue tools and evidence-based advocacy. Social media and other forms of mass communication media have become powerful tools for health and development. We shall endeavor to reach households and communities using the preferred media, and presenting knowledge in the forms that the communities understand.

Develop the next generation of public health champions by branding the school to become the preferred destination for public/global/planetary health training and research in the sub-region. Using current advances in IT,online courses at the School will be open to all across the globe. E-learning centres for School will be opened in all major urban centres inGhanafor the purpose of making available online resources to facilitate distance-learning programmes. Special effort would be made to make the online courses available in countries of the ECOWAS sub-region

Advance change through innovative investments and collaborations with partners and collaborators across the globe. We shall strive to keep up with technology, be ahead of our competitors, and hence become the only choice for partnerships and collaborations with reputable international public health research and training institutions and funding agencies.

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