About Best Baby Carriers

About Best Baby Carriers

Hi, we are Susan and Kevin, and we have launched the Best Baby Carriers site because we’re parents who love baby wearing and we want what’s best for our babies. We stared the Baby Carriers website to impart that knowledge on you as new parents (or those looking to learn more) ready to embark on the adventure of babywearing. We’ve traveled from store to store, home to home, and tried many different types of baby carriers, baby wraps, and baby slings, and we’ve even read baby carrier manuals and babywearing books to give you as much information as we possibly can to provide you with resources to make an educated baby carrier purchase decision. We also interviewed many parents and read thousands of pages of reviews, documents, and others to make sure we give you the broadest spectrum of opinions on these baby carrier products.

But more than that, we’re looking to spot baby carrier deals and baby carrier sales whenever possible. And of course, as part of that, we want to make sure you know about baby carrier recalls, because your baby’s safety is important.

Since we’re very passionate about baby wearing, baby carrying, and everything it entails, we have this website as our gift to you. We hope you enjoy the journey as much as we did when we wrote tirelessly on every page.

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  1. Kate

    Thanks Susan, I would never have thought to track down information about those orange bags. I will save mine and leave them at the front door for the carrier. On the same note, you can also reuse your prescription bottles (the plastic ones). I took mine in when I was refilling a prescription and they reused it.nw

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