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About Accra Polytechnic

The ideal tertiary Institution for higher educational pursuits; given its proximity to the busy Accra central locality, the Inner-City Tertiary Institution (Accra Polytechnic) gives its students a feel of the nature of Ghanaian everyday life. Accra Polytechnic is an institution that is driven by excellence and the desire to achieve. The professionalism and diversity with which we run our educational programmes produces all-rounded, innovative, and disciplined graduates who continually, day after day, contribute immensely to the Ghanaian industry and beyond.

The Polytechnic system inGhanais geared towards the training of high quality and diverse middle level management personnel, who will easily fit into the Ghanaian industrial environment and form the backbone ofGhana’s development.

Accra Polytechnicdistinguishes itself primarily in providing continuous excellence in tuition, practical training, learning and research. Thus, we have over the years become the best among the rest and the track record of our pastgraduatesattests to this assertion.

Among its most remarkable successes is the field of knowledge transfer and putting research into practice.Accrapolytechnic has thus contributed immensely towards Ghana’s economic growth evident in the fields of research, innovation and development such as in engineering and applied science andtechnology.

The Unique Features ofAccra Polytechnic
The institution’s location, situated in the commercial center of Accra, the capital of Ghana, confers on it many

advantages. It has made Accra Polytechnic the first choice for many professionals who wish to share knowledge and skills. The institution therefore attracts well qualified seasoned staff as well as students from all over the country, including students from neighboring countries. It also draws young professionals already in the field who are time constrained to study during regular study hours. In the past years, Accra Polytechnic has evolved into one of the best tertiary institutions credited with practical industrial knowledge which has had impact on Ghana’s economy. It thus attracts students from the sub- region and across the globe. Currently, the institution has a student population of twelve thousand, six hundred and eighty-five (12,685).

Accra Polytechnic aims at preparing career graduates who combine theory with practical competence. In view of this, the institution has over the years excelled in providing career-focused and community basededucationwhich is developed in partnership with employers. This places the institution far ahead of other analogous institutions in the country.

The institution further offers the platform that allows students to build on their competence, thus enhancing theory and practice, which allow students to participate in applied research and commercialization projects.
The availability of excellent and quality teaching and learning facilities, coupled with committed and experienced lecturers, enriches the study environment of Accra Polytechnic, thereby adding a distinctive mark to its reputation.

The world around Accra Polytechnic

Accra Polytechnic is situated in the CentralBusinessDistrict of Accra, making it uniquely placed as an “Inner-City ‘Polytechnic. Located in the midst of other high profile corporate businesses and institutions, Accra Polytechnic is opposite Movenpick and Novotel hotels, whilst it shares its northern flank with the Trade Union Congress (TUC) and the City Campus of theUniversity of Ghana. The western gate of the Polytechnic is surrounded by the Central Police Station of Accra, the Ghana Cocoa Board and Airtel and MTN Mobile Communication offices. It also shares its southern boundary with the Assembly Press.

The Polytechnic is a 4km drive away from the Kotoka International Airport. It is easily accessible from all directions in Accra with a guaranteed transport services to all parts of the country





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