Belgium is completely closed because of coronavirus in the environment

Belgium joined the EU to introduce restrictive environment, which entered into force because the coronavirus has spread across the continent....

Belgium joined the list of European countries to introduce restrictive environment, which came into force at noon, as the virus has spread across the continent.

The President of the German center for control and disease prevention Professor Lothar H. Wheeler warned that if people do not follow the instructions of public health in Germany can be registered to 10 million cases in just a few months.

The epidemic is at an exponential rate“, — he told reporters in Berlin on Wednesday.

In Germany was 8 200 cases, and in the last 24 hours — 1000.

In France, the military began the evacuation of patients from hard-hit Eastern part of the country. Transport aircraft flew from the South of France on Wednesday to evacuate six patients with the disease COVID-19 in the military hospitals at Marseilles and Toulon. It is also expected to deploy a military field hospital near Mulhouse.

The Minister of health of France, Olivier Veran announced Wednesday that the government will close the outdoor markets, where people do not obey the rules of distancing, despite the fact that blocking did not affect grocery stores and other food suppliers.

Wherever possible to provide a distance of one meter between two people, we need to intervene”— said Mr. Veran.

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