Camp Lejeunes ghosts

While on maneuvers one crisp November night a group of Marines came face to face with a group of soldiers from the Civil War......

The marine training facility of Camp Lejeune is one of the most famous and important military installations in the world. Located on more that 150 thousand acres in Onslow County Camp Lejeune trains some of the best soldiers on the planet. Though it seems that sometimes The Marines can’t prepare them for everything…

On a November night in 1977 a group of soldiers were involved in maneuvers at a place called campsite 12. a recon team was sent out to scout ahead. They had gone about half a mile when they spotted what they thought were troops in the dark. taking positions in the woods they waited to ambush the opposing troops.

Not long after they her movement again and this time heard voices. Radioing back to camp the team was instructed to gather as much evidence as possible and report back. The men got as close as they dare to the noise when the saw something that stopped them cold.

They did see troops in the dark, but not those of that age. They were looking right at Union soldiers building a Civil War campsite. The smoke from the food could be smelled and a few times, the Union soldiers came within inches of the stunned marines.

After about an hour, the ghosts packed up camp and disappeared into the night. The marines radioed back that all was clear and were soon joined by the rest of their men. Of course, none of the men who saw that night ever told their fellow troops. After all, who would believe them.

As it turns out, they may have seen the ghosts of events 115 years in the past. in 1862 over 200 Union soldiers camped in and around the Onslow county area near the farm of Thomas Gillott.

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