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Running offers many outstanding benefits that cannot be overlooked. Running reduces stress, strengthens your muscles, and burns fat. You may have heard of the old saying, “exercise is medicine.”

To be perfectly honest, this is nothing but the truth. Intensive scientific research shows that regular exercise and running offers many health benefits.

Some studies have shown that running on a regular basis can lower your chances of getting cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes.

Did you know that running can also improve your mental and emotional well-being?

Running for beginners

You can become a great runner if you take your time and believe in yourself. Here are four key factors you should evaluate before embarking upon any training program:

Consult with your physician

Have a heart-to-heart talk with your doctor if you are more than 20 lbs. overweight and over the age of 40. If you don’t have a known health risk, your physician will urge you to start with a light run-walk routine

Create a workout schedule

You have to make time for your workout sessions. Keep your workout schedules in your computer, in your diary, or on your cellphone. Some find it helpful to put their workout schedule on their refrigerator

Take your time

Taking your time will help you avoid injuries. Be patient and take it easy. Set a goal of running for 30 consecutive minutes. You will have plenty of time to expand your workout sessions. You are not ready for the gold medal!

Expect bad days

Everyone has bad days. There are going to be some days where you will not be motivated to workout. With some days, a workout can seem like a session of cruel torture.

Just stay focused and motivated. Sticking to your program will yield positive results over time.

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Guidelines for you to consider

Train your brain

Getting started with a regular exercise routine can be extremely difficult for anyone out of shape. Your brain plays a big role in your exercise regimen.

At first, chances are that your brain will put up resistance. You must take measures that can encourage your brain to become your ally.

Create a plan that will help ease your mind into your running program. Listening to music and positive thoughts will help steer your mind in the right direction.

Listen to music that will get you pumped up for your workout. Replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Before you know it, your mind will be in tune with your running routine.

Don’t forget to reward yourself after working out. Treat yourself to a delicious smoothie or a hot shower. Your brain will begin to connect exercise with an immediate reward.

Locate the ideal route

You can start running in the woods, on the road, or on the treadmill. However, you should find a route that will keep you safe and make you feel comfortable. If you don’t feel safe running around the block, check out your other options.

The track is the perfect place to kick off your running program. The surface if flat and you don’t have to worry about traffic. You can find open tracks at public schools and universities.

Make certain you relax and run tall

You may feel awkward running in the begging, but things will change as time progresses. Fortunately, you can make a few adjustments to your running style. Try to keep your elbows relaxed and fixed at a 90° angle.

You should also make an effort to keep your hands relaxed. Pretending that you have a piece of paper in your hand will help you do this with ease.

Run gradually as if you’re walking tall. Look straight ahead and resist the temptation to look at your feet. You will find a suitable running style and hit your stride in no time.

Taking breaks

You may feel comfortable with skipping your walk breaks, but you should never do this. Walk breaks will prevent you from overextending yourself and fight off fatigue.

Walk breaks will help you maintain your stamina and motivation. In laymen terms, ignoring walk breaks is harmful to your running program.

The main benefits of running

Running offers many wonderful benefits that you cannot afford to ignore. Let’s take a quick look at them.

You will eat better

When you start running, you will find out that food is fuel for your body. You will also learn that junk food like sodas and hamburgers are not the ideal candidates for providing fuel to your body.

You will begin to consume “cleaner fuel,” and this can turn out to be the start of a healthy habit that you will keep for the rest of your life. Changing your diet will take time and patience. Your body will begin to improve after you introduce it to a clean diet.

Your health will improve

There are many exercise regimens around today. Some are better than others. However, running is a solid option if you want to see positive results within a short period of time.

For example, running is the best exercise for burning calories. Can you imagine losing 3 pounds in 2 weeks? Well, running offers this type of reward.

After running for several weeks, you will start to shed pounds. Your heart will become stronger and your cholesterol level will go down. Please keep in mind that you must stick to a healthy diet.

Your wish to smoke will decrease

It is extremely challenging to smoke and take running seriously. Unfortunately, some smoke while they are on a running program. Others simply quit after they see that smoking will no longer be able complement their lifestyle.

Inner peace

A hectic schedule can make it hard to find quiet time. Work and family time normally consume most of our day. You must take time out for yourself.

Quiet time can help you calm down after a long and stressful day. Running will give you a chance to calm down and reflect on life.

Races are extremely fun

You may cringe at this idea, but you should think about signing up for a 5K after you’ve been running for several weeks or so. The camaraderie among runners is exceptional.

It’s exciting when you get an opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. Whether you’re young or old, you are bound to be greeted with open arms.

Crossing the finish line is the best part of participating in a 5K run. You may not finish in first, but you will get a strong feeling of accomplishment.

Participate in a few 5K runs and move up to a 10K run. Your ambition is your only limitation.

You’ll lower your stress level

Running is better than smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, or watching television all day. Running excels when it comes to lowering your stress level.

A low stress level will keep your immune system strong; your immune system is vital when it comes to keeping your body healthy.

You will clear brain fog

Many runners have stated their minds are clear while they are running. It’s hard to concentrate with so many distractions around you, and running will give you a chance to think in silence.

Find the warrior within

Running will transform you into a warrior. It may be hard for you to believe this, but it’s true. You will learn how to deal with that little negative voice that tries to discourage you.

Running will help you defeat your doubts and the negativity surrounding you. This is one gift that can help you reach new heights in life.

Running lingo

Running has its own language. The lingo in running seems strange at first, but it will become second nature to you over time. Here are some of the basic terms you need to learn.

Achilles tendon

This tendon runs along the back of your foot. It attaches your calf muscle to your heel bone. Good flexibility can keep your Achilles tendon in good shape.

Aid station

An aid station is also called a “water stop.” Aid stations offer water and sports drinks. At big races, hand gels and energy bars are handed out to runners. Some aid stations are manned by volunteers while others are unmanned.


These are printed sheets with numbers that are normally pinned to the shirt of runners. The numbers help identify the runners in a race.

Black toenails

Wearing shoes that are too small and running downhill can lead to black toenails. They normally heal on their own within several months. Fortunately, they are not painful.

Bloody nipples

You get bloody nipples when your shirt rubs against your nipples. Bloody nipples are more common in men during the winter months. Protect your nipples with nipple guards or adhesive bandages.

Body mass index

Body mass index is an estimation that can help you find out if you’re overweight. Your body mass index is calculated by comparing your height to your weight. It is suitable for men and women of all ages.


This is where you add more carbohydrates to your diet several days before a marathon. Carb-loading will prompt your body to store glycogen in your muscles and liver so that it can be used during the run.


Chafing occurs when there is friction between your skin and clothes. Your skin can become blistered or bloodied.

Cool down

This is a light stage of walking after an intense or long run. It can help lower your heart rate and prevent blood from accumulating in your legs.


Endorphins are brain chemicals that create a sense of elation. Studies show that endorphins reduce pain and anxiety. They also promote a sense of well-being.


A 3.1 mile race. It’s the most popular race distance in the United States. The 5K would be appropriate for your first race.


These carbohydrates are stored in your liver and muscles. Your body converts them to glucose for energy during a workout. Your level of training and consumption of carbohydrates determines how much glycogen will be stored.

Half marathon

The half marathon has exploded in popularity within the past few years. Many runners enjoy the challenge of taking on a race that is 13.1 miles.


These are long muscles that travel down the back of your legs.

Heart rate

Simply how many times your heart beats in one minute.

Hill repeats

A workout where you sprint uphill fast and jog downhill at a slower pace for recovery. Repeat the sequence several times.

Ice baths

This is where you submerge your legs in ice water for up to twenty minutes. Ice baths are great after hard workouts, long runs, and races.

Interval training

This is the time you give your body an opportunity to recover. It takes place between speed segments.

Long slow distance runs

This is any run that is longer than a weekly run. These types of workouts will help build your mental fortitude and endurance. You need these things during big races.


A marathon is a race that is 26.2 miles long. Participating in your first marathon will be one of the proudest moments of your life.

It’s important to point out that you don’t need to participate in a marathon to be a runner. You should run for at least one year before considering a marathon.

Negative sprits

Running at a faster pace during the second half of the race.


Comfortable devices worn inside running shoes. They are designed to help prevent certain injuries.

Over training

Over training occurs when you push your body beyond its limits. Over training can cause fatigue and a poor performance in the race. Severe over training can decrease your appetite, hinder your immune system, and disrupt your sleep.


Usually expressed in terms of minutes per mile, pace determines how fast you are running in the race.

Personal record

This is your fastest time in a race. Some refer to it as your “personal best.”


The four primary muscles in the front of your thighs.

Quality workouts

Quality workouts are generally longer than your daily runs.


Recovery can consist of walking or jogging between fast-paced segments. Recovery gives your heart a chance to slow down and return to its normal pace.


These fast segments of running are repeated during your workout. A recovery period takes place between the repeats.

Runner’s knee

A common injury where inflammation takes place under the kneecap. Flexible quads and hip muscles can help lower your chances of getting runner’s knee.

Side stitch

Sharp pain below the rib cage.


The amount of time it takes for you to finish a defined distance.


These 80 to 100 meter surges are added to a warmup or regular workout. Strides are known for increasing the leg turnover and heart rate.

Talk test

An easy measure to determine if you’re running at a comfortable speed. You should be able to talk during most of your runs.


A 6.2 mile race.

10% rule

A rule of thumb where you avoid increasing your intensity or mileage by more than 10 percent from one week to another.

Trail running

This is where you run an entirely off-road or a section.


A race that is longer than a marathon. An ultra-marathon could be 31 miles, 50 miles, or 62 miles.


Light activity that prepares the body for a workout. A good warmup consists of light walking, stretching, or easy running.

You too can run: Running for beginners

Running can change your life. It can improve your physical and mental state. Heeding the tips above can help you become a great runner in no time.

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