Computer Backpack Reviews

Laptops are an important accessory for those who travel often especially as part of work, or for school. People who have notebooks love the convenience that it provides, as it’s lightweight and can be easily carried to wherever you go. You should have the best computer backpack to carry it easily and protect it from any damage. If you are a frequent traveler, you more than likely will have your electronic gear with you wherever you go. Having a good bag for your favorite gadgets is a must. In this article we will discuss why having a good device to transport your equipment is important and things to consider when buying the right bag.


Timbuk2 Parkside 4.6
Targus Drifter II 4.5
High Sierra Loop 4.7
Victoriatourist V6002 4.4
Swiss Gear Scan Smart SA1908 4.3

Timbuk2 Parkside

The Timbuk2 Parside is a high quality made and smart designed bag. It has many pockets for all the various devices and accessories that you carry around on a daily basis. The internal cushioned sleeves can fit most laptops up to 15 inches in size. This model is very roomy on the inside and could be used as a backpack for two laptops. It also could handle layers of material and a pair of shoes, which would make it a good backpack for laptop and clothes. It also has a water bottle pocket for days when you need to hydrate on the go, and a bottle opener on the strap when you need to grab a quick refreshment. When reading computer backpack reviews you can see why this model is always near the top.

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Targus Drifter II

The Targus Drifter II is a very trendy accessory and you would look very stylish by carrying it around. It is one of the most trendy 17 inch travel extra large backpack with laptop compartment on the market. It has very large storage compartments to not only protect your electronics, but to keep everything else that you have organized when carrying it around. For comfort,the rear of this device is made of mesh material to make it more comfortable when handling it for an extended amount of time. This bag is built to even out the weight that you are carrying around – so you should easily be able to carry it around as needed without getting fatigued.

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High Sierra Loop

It does not matter if you are traveling or headed in to the office, this is a great bag to choose. The main storage compartments of this bag is very large, and it easily allows you to keep your equipment neat and secured while you are on the go. The internal straps are made to securely keep your gear in place, and allows for extra storage when needed. Carrying this bag around for an extended amount of time is no problem because of the built in suspension in the shoulder straps. It is designed to ease the weight transfer of your equipment, so it is not a chore to carry it around. This bag comes in assorted colors and designs to fit whatever look you are after. If you are looking for one of the best rated computer backpacks this would be a fine choice.

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Victoriatourist V6002

Space is not an issue with The Victoriatourist V6002 Laptop Backpack. It is a very large on the inside and will fit notebooks up to 16 inches in size. This bag will make it a breeze going through security at the airport.If you are abusiness professional looking for the best backpackthis model should not be overlooked. The extra padding on the back side of the laptop provides for extra comfort and back support when carrying it around. If you are also traveling with luggage this laptop is very convenient. It has a built in strap that is designed to attach to your luggage handle, so traveling is less of a hassle. This is a very sturdy laptop backpack that would fit well as carry on luggage under seat. It is made of ballistic nylon so it should provide many years of service. It is not just a computer backpack for men, this bag should also be enjoyed by women.

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Swiss Gear Scan Smart SA1908

This is a versatile and very convenient model made by the manufactures of the Swiss Army Knife. It has many built in features, such as a special compartment designed especially for your smart phone or Media player. The Dual mesh pockets come in handy when carrying around water bottles of different sizes and on the go. It is manufactured for the comfort of the user with it’s enhanced padding in the back area, and extra airflow design provides for better convenience when traveling with this bag. The shoulder straps are padded and designed with comfort in mind as you go throughout the day. It is also one of the top rated computer bags on the market.

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Why A Good Laptop Backpack Is Needed

Almost everyone today owns a laptop, but one of the current challenges that most people face is finding the right bag to carry it. The major problem people often face in the selection of the proper bag is whether to use a laptop backpack or a conventional laptop bag. Also, most people find it hard choosing the proper bag features that best suits their needs. Everyone’s wish is to protect their laptop from accidental damage, ensure that they don’t lose it, and most importantly move around with it easily and conveniently.

People who travel a lot as part of their job often need to carry a electronic equipment around, as it can be a great way to stay connected when on the road. A backpack gives you the convenience to carry your computer easily with you as you travel, and also allows for extra room for more material.

The total carrying capacity of the best 17 inch laptop backpack is often larger than a standard bag, so a business professional can be more productive when in meetings. It gives those attending, an impression of professionalism and confidence in the work place. If you are a professional in any particular field, the chances are high that you will be attending business meetings and job training sessions and seminars. More than likely you will want to carry your portable mouse, charger and other useful accessories needed when presenting presentations to your boss or coworkers. A backpack offers you more flexibility, and thus is beneficial to someone who carries his laptop to work on a daily basis .

Most electronics are sensitive gadgets and having a backpack for it ensures that it stays safe and protected from any kind of potential damage. You spend a lot of money on your gear and backpacks can help to avoid your favorite gadget from getting damaged. When looking for the proper bag, it would be wise to make sure that is well padded and large enough to accommodate the laptop you plan on carrying.

If you regularly move from one place to the other, you will want a bag that is the most convenient for you, and one that is capable of carrying more of your personal belongings. This is especially true whenlooking for a backpack for students going to college. With a backpack, a pupil could effortlessly carry quite a few more items along with their notebook. A laptop bag tends to have a limited space mostly because of the mode of carrying it. It is also almost impossible for someone to hold a bag containing their large laptop for a long period of time without getting fatigued.

Things to Consider When Looking For A Backpack

Buying a backpack for your computer is an important part of ensuring that you have your gadget for a long time. . Modern day electronics are very expensive, so therefore making sure they are well protected should be of high importance. Here are some of the important factors to consider when purchasing a bag:.

As mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons to acquire a computer bag is for it to provide protection to your laptop against all types of potential damages and threats. Pack’s that are made with padded sleeves provided superior protection to your computer from damage. Some bags have special a compartment for your laptop, and they often are designed with straps to make sure your equipment is protected at all times. Having a waterproof bag is also very convenient. Your gear would be properly protected from the elements if you are ever caught outside in a rain storm. If you have a laptop with a big screen, then finding the best 17 inch laptop backpack should not be overlooked.

You should also make sure that your bag has sufficient space to accommodate the equipment that you plan on using. One of the most important things to consider when buying a backpack for your laptop is that it has the storage area available for all of your gear. You should ensure that it has enough space not only to store your laptop, but few extra accessories like your laptop charger, iPods, storage media devices, pens etc. The backpack should be of the right size to fit your laptop, and it should not be a small one or an over sized one. If you already have a backpack that is over sized consider buying a laptop sleeve which will make your current pack work better for your equipment and also provide it an extra layer of protection.

Look for a backpack that has a sturdy construction. The best ones are made of high-quality nylon, layers of foam, fabric as well as thick padding on the bottom. Remember also to check that the zippers of the backpack you choose close and open consistently. Some users also prefer bags that close with buckles to ensure the protection of their equipment.

Make sure that the sleeve of the backpack properly fits your laptop so that it doesn’t remain loose when you move around. If you are looking for extra versatility, then you can consider one that has a removable sleeve.

Comfort Is Important When Looking For A Backpack

Backpack should be comfortable to carry, as you move around with your laptop in your bag, your hands are left free so that you can do more than one thing. Backpacks help you to balance the weight of your laptop and other personal items more evenly, thereby preventing you from experiencing arm and shoulder pain.

With a carry-along bag, you have to use your hands to carry it, translating to a more tiring journey, since the weight of the contents of your bag is concentrated in the hand you use to support it. The only negative thing about a backpack is that you have to pull it off from your back whenever you want to open it. Sling bags are also available so that you don’t have to remove the bag from your body when want to remove an item from it.

The straps of the bag help you to support the weight on your shoulders, and hence they should be perfect to ensure that you are comfortable. They should be adjustable, meaning that they are either detachable or movable. They should be non-slip to ensure that the bag doesn’t creep down your shoulders when you are moving.

The strap material should therefore cling to your body, to create friction with your clothing to prevent the bag from slipping down as you go about your day. To help you move around comfortably, choose a backpack with straps that have the right thickness to allow the weight in it to be evenly distributed on your shoulders.

Ensure that the bag you choose has a back panel, which allows the air to flow between the device and your back. Good ventilation is important since it prevents you from over sweating, especially during hot summer months. It you go to the gym or workout after school, you way want to look for a backpack with shoe compartment.

You should also ensure that the bag you purchase for your equipment is comfortable to carry. If you do a lot of traveling throughout the day with your accessories, it is vital to have the best computer backpack which is easy and comfortable to carry around. The backpack should have well-padded shoulder straps to make it extra convenient to carry and would be great if it has an additional strap to go around your waist, so that you don’t put all the weight on your shoulders.

Other Types Of Backpacks That You Should Consider

Backpacks are not just for students anymore. They are now everywhere. Campers, toddlers, dads, moms, professionals, grandparents all are using packs. Backpacks are so popular because they help us keep our things organized and carry them from one place to another. They also help us to carry way more than we can and allow us to keep our hands free.

However, a standard two strap backpack is not the only pack that is available on the market. There are also other options that you should take a look at depending on your needs. Therefore, before you acquire a slim backpack, you may want to look into what else is available before you make your final decision.

There are also some questions you need to answer before choosing a bag. Some of the questions include why do you need a backpack? Do you mind a rolling wheeled backpack? Are you going to be cycling or doing other outdoor activities while using it? Below are some additional options that may work for you.

One Strap Backpack

A sling backpack is designed with one strap instead of the traditional two straps. It is designed to fit easily to the natural shape of your body. This type of bag is practical when you have short trips and can be the best affordable carry on luggage.Choosing a single strap backpackwould be a wise move if looking for bag to quickly pack your items when you are on the move.

Sling bags have an adjustable strap that offers you the opportunity to make adjustments on how it fits on your body. This type of bag is also versatile and spacious, and is available in various designs and colors. Some have a very large space that can carry your computer and many other items, but there are others that are designed to carry just a few.

Rolling wheeled backpacks

These days students need to carry a lot of items that can be very heavy to lift. It is therefore better tolook into a rolling wheeled backpack. Acquiring a computer backpack with wheels is like having a bag and a trolley in one. They are convenient and easy to handle, and thewheels allow you not to strain your bodywhen using it.

They are also easy to maneuver and store. If there are only a few items in the pack, you can use the padded straps to place around your shoulders. These bag are usually made from very durable material, and the wheels are also very strong. It also has extra pockets for storing any required accessories. This would be theidea backpack for carrying heavy books at school.

Solar backpacks

Solar backpacks are the hottest new gadgets to hit the market and everyone is looking for them. Since most people are contributing to save the earth and stay green, solar backpacks have become very popular. They are also convenient because they come in cool designs, very handy and waterproof.

Even though they can be heavier than normal backpacks, they are remarkably very comfortable. This type of backpack would work extremely well for someone who needs to keep their laptop charged while on the go.

Settling for either a bag or a laptop backpack depends largely on where you intend to carry your laptop. As pointed out earlier, a laptop backpack is more comfortable compared to a bag. For this reason, you can carry more items other than just your laptop in the bag, move around swiftly and stay safe from back pain. If you are a person who takes his laptop to work or school on a daily basis, a backpack would be the most suitable type of bag for your needs.

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