Community Health

Community Health...

Community Health

epartmental Objectives

The Department of communityhealthhas set for itself the following general objectives:

  • To prepare the student with the highest possible technical competences and skill for leadership positions involving a system ofhealthcare that bring comprehensive promotive, preventive and curative care to people within their communities, be it rural or urban.
  • To provide training in the use of research methods and techniques thereby providing an educational base upon whichgraduatescan continue to build in the pursuit of increasing competence in their work.

Specifically students would be able to:

  • List the major community health problems ofGhanain particular and of tropical countries in general.
    Identify the factors that contribute to the patterns of morbidity and mortality inGhana.
    Collect, analyse and interpret data on morbidity from all available sources in Ghana.
    Work effectively as a member of health team assuming a leadership role when necessary.
    Describe the structure and functions of the Ministry of Health and other agencies which contribute to the maintenance of optimal health;
    Plan and execute, with other personnel, trainingprogrammesfor various categories of health worker;
    Use available information and resources to plan and execute a aprogramme of health care delivery for a community;
    Practice community health within the framework of sound medical ethics.]
    Provide the exemplary leadership required by health managers in order to achieve the health goals of Ghana and the world at large.
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