Concentrations of people are prohibited throughout Europe due to coronavirus

The number of infections in Europe continues to grow at an alarming rate. The EU ban of a mass congestion of people more than 1000 people....

The number of infections in Europe continued to grow at an alarming rate, more than doubling over the three days, up to 14,000 confirmed by Monday, with more than 520 deaths.

Italy, from 9 to 172 cases by Monday, surpassed South Korea over the weekend, becoming the second country in the number of infected people after China. Italy, which cancelled all religious services at least until April 3, also reported 463 deaths on Monday, an increase of 97 on Sunday.

Italy ordered an unprecedented block your rich and developed region, where the outbreak of coronavirus, which limits the movement for a quarter of the population of the country. This step is tantamount to a donation of the Italian economy in the short term to save her from the ravages of the virus in the long term.

According to reports by Italian news agencies, on Sunday and Monday were organized protests in at least two dozen Italian prison after the government stopped almost all visits and reduced program of daily walking, replacing them with a large number of phone calls and video chats.

The Irish government on Monday canceled all parade on the St. Patrick’s Day, including Dublin.

In Germany, France and Spain registered more than 1000 cases of the disease, and the French culture Minister Frank Rister announced that he had tested positive for the virus. In Switzerland, the Netherlands, UK, Sweden, Belgium and Norway more than 200 people.

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