Dryer Blower Wheel Replacement

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Dryer blower wheel

Dryer blower wheel

Instructions for replacing the blower wheel on dryers made by Whirlpool, Kenmore, Sears, Maytag, and Amana.

Dryer Repair Video: Dryer Blower Wheel Replacement

Dryer Part: Dryer Blower Wheel

Tools needed: hex socket, flat head screwdriver, Phillips head screwdriver, wrench, square ½” drive socket wrench.

  • As with any repair, be sure you’ve unplugged the appliance before beginning. Your first step is to remove the top panel screws and set the panel aside. Next, depress the tabs on the control panel and pull it off. Disconnect the wire harness. Remove the screws to release the circuit board bracket. Remove the control bracket screws and pull the bracket off.
  • Now remove the screws located at the base of the dryer. Pull the lower panel out and then down to detach. Reach in to the lower cabinet to disconnect the door switch and moisture sensor wire harnesses. Remove the screws at the bottom and at the top of the front panel. Remove the mounting screws located inside the door and pull the panel off. Remove the lower bulkhead mounting screws and loosen the upper screws. Remove the mounting screws from the blower housing.
  • Lift the bulkhead off the upper mounting screws and set it aside. Next, remove the dryer belt by depressing the pulley to release the tension, and unthreading the belt from the pulley and motor shaft. Now use the belt to lift out the drum. While securing the motor shaft with the wrench, use a square ½” drive to detach the old blower wheel. Be aware you may need to use some force to successfully remove it.
  • Install the new blower wheel by threading it onto the blower shaft. Tighten it slightly with the ½” drive. Now, replace the drum by aligning its rim on the two rear rollers and loop the belt around the tension pulley and motor shaft in a zigzag formation. Rotate the drum to help align the belt.
  • Now reinstall the bulkhead by aligning it on the upper screws. Tighten the screws. Replace the lower screws as well as the ones for the blower housing. Reattach the front panel by lining it up on the cabinet. Then secure it with the upper and lower screws, as well as the screws inside the door. Reconnect the door switch and moisture sensor wire harnesses. Slide the lower panel up into position and secure it with the screws. Reinstall the control panel bracket. Reattach the circuit board bracket. Reconnect the control panel’s wire harness and snap the panel back into place. Replace the top panel. Secure it with the screws. Plug the appliance back in to be sure it’s functioning properly.

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