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At Ecobank Ghana Corporate Banking, we know that business success depends on much more than just access to money....

About us

At EcobankGhanaCorporate Banking, we know thatbusinesssuccess depends on much more than just access to money. We understand the broader needs of enterprises, be they multinationals or entrepreneurial start-ups. Our unrivalled presence across Africa and our experience of helping businesses grow means that we can provide you with practical financing solutions and ongoing support.

It is the knowledge, experience and local insight of our people that distinguishes EcobankGhanafrom our rivals and we place their considerable expertise at your disposal. At the heart of our involvement is your dedicated pan-African RelationshipManagerwho is committed to understanding yourbusinessneeds and providing responsive, customizedlendingsolutions, with a focus on local empowerment.

Whether you are in need of a trade loan, working capital or longer-term projectfinance, we are uniquely positioned to deliver a truly pan-African service:

  • Our Internet Banking service gives you secure access to corporate banking 24/7
  • Innovative and integrated cash management solutions to help you dobusinessin Africa
  • Settle your transactions efficiently and mitigate payment risks
  • Supply Chain Finance across Africa with proven solutions for both your suppliers and distributors

International Trade Solutions

International Trade involves the movement of goods and services deriving from a business transaction between a buyer in one country and a seller in another country.

Ecobank Ghana provides comprehensive trade solutions to its customers using various payment methods to facilitate cross border trade through its network across Africa. Ecobank offers unique intra Africa Trade solutions, enabling its customers to settle their international trade transactions efficiently and to mitigate payment risks. Ecobank works closely with clients in reviewing key factors regarding Transaction Processing, Settlement, Financing, Risk Mitigation and Credit Enhancement.

Our Trade products and solutions are designed around two broad areas:

Trade Finance:

Customers benefit from adequate, mitigated credit facilities.

Trade Services:

Customers experience speedy turnaround and error-free processes.

Trade Services from Ecobank

The Ecobank cards provide both the Ecobank account holder and non-account holder with a full range of banking solutions:

  • Import LCs
  • Import Collections
  • Customs Bonds
  • Export LCs (advising and negotiating)
  • Export Collections
  • LC Confirmations
  • Guarantees, Bid, performance and other Bonds
  • Regional Trade Services in Africa
  • Rapidtransfer
  • International Payment Services.

Regional Trade Services in Africa

Ecobank’s vision is to provide world class pan-African services to its customers while also enhancing the financial integration of Africa.

The group provides solutions to facilitate trade in the various trade corridors and groupings across Africa; including UEMOA, ECOWAS, EAC, SADC, etc. Ecobank’s Regional Trade solution enables the Exporter to obtain a payment guarantee without the need for a Letter of Credit and its related costs to the importer. Furthermore, with Ecobank on both sides of the transaction, our customers are able to benefit from a seamless end-to-end solution. Our Rapidtransfer service allows funds to be transferred across Africa on the same day, between Ecobank affiliates (subject to a $10,000 per day limit). Regional Collections, Cross Border Funds Pooling (subject to regulations) are other available services.

Africa Correspondent Banking and Financial Institutions Services

With Ecobank being present in 33 countries in Africa – more than any other bank in the world – the group’s affiliates can confirm and negotiate LCs to beneficiaries in those countries, as well as manage related payments and trade confirmations frombanksoutside Africa.

Trade Finance from Ecobank
We offer the following services:

Import Finance Facilities– pre and post shipment

Export Finance Facilities

Export Credit Agencies

Benefit from credit enhancement from Export Credit Agencies and Multilaterals including US Exim, IFC, etc. More flexibletermsbetween buyer and seller can be obtained, with competitive longer tenor financing.

EBI SA (Ecobank Paris) LC Confirmation Services
Ecobank’s wholesale bank in Paris, France, speedily confirms LCs to beneficiaries, enabling a competitive end-to-end solution from the group. EBI SA’s relationship with leading banks worldwide enables beneficiaries to be credited or advised of funds/trade documents.

Other solutions include Structured Trade Finance and Avalized Bills Finance. Speak to your Corporate Banking Products Manager and/or your Account Manager today or visit

Cash Management

Solutions for Payables

Ecobank operates the largest network in Africa, more than any other bank in the world. Our payables management products are designed to improve your payments processes and to enhance your company’s operational efficiency across the countries in which Ecobank operates.

If you are doing business in Africa, we can provide you with innovative and end-to-end integrated cash management solutions to suit your specific needs in all the countries in which we operate.

Our Products specialists and Account managers will work closely with you to understand your business. They will also customize a range of innovative, value-enhancing solutions to optimize payment processes for all your business needs across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Electronic bulk supplier payments

Utilize a secure environment for your large payments to suppliers (vendors), and for payroll. Payments information is securely received from our customers either through an ERP account payables system or agreed data format. We process and authenticate your transactions electronically and credit beneficiaries swiftly, enabling Straight-Thru-Process (STP) benefits to you. These solutions are available via our Ecobank Corporate Internet Banking and other Ecobank Ghana systems.

Customer on-site payment services

Teller and cashiering solutions are available at agreed customer locations. Cheque encashment, cash disbursement, wage packaging and other solutions are available on request.

Mass payment services

For large payments such as Dividend credits, Large Salary Runs, IPO Cheque Refunds, Student Loan credits, Insurance payments etc, Ecobank will work with clients to produce tailored solutions to required standards of efficiency.

EFT / RTGS / SWIFT Services

In many countries, the domestic and third party payments require specialized Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT), Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) payments for high value transactions and SWIFT payments. Ecobank’s payment processes enables speedy processing and beneficiary confirmation via Ecobank Corporate Internet Banking.

Over-the-counter payment services

This service is designed to enable companies to make payments through the bank to be received directly by beneficiaries at the counters of Ecobank branches. Payment details are conveyed to a designated Ecobank Ghana branch where payment will be received. Payment can be either in cash or by cheque. Ecobank Ghana provides a comprehensive corporate payment platform which enables clients to send beneficiary details to the bank in a secure manner. This service eliminates the need for tellers in your company.

Company payroll services

Ecobank can offer unique payroll processing services to your company. Gross salary data of employees sent to Ecobank is swiftly processed to net figure level after the deduction of all statutory obligations. Various reports will be generated and sent to your company for approval, before actual payment to beneficiary accounts are confirmed. This service is available in a select number of countries.

Cash delivery services

Specialized cash delivery services at agreed locations and frequency is available in several countries in which Ecobank operates.

Card and ATM services

Ecobank has invested in leading-edgetechnologyand operates a group switch underpinning a Regional Card issuance in the countries in which it operates. The card can be used to withdraw cash in different countries and currencies. The Regional Card usage has now been extended to South Africa where holders can withdraw cash from over 1,981 ATMs operated by Nedbank, Ecobank’s alliance partner in South Africa. A range of ATMs in several countries also provide additional services to Ecobank customers. These services complement our Corporate customers by providing efficient services to organizations and companies. Speak to your Corporate Banking Products Manager and / or your Account Manager today.

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