Global constraints are growing along with the infection with coronavirus

Despite rising restrictions worldwide continues to grow, the number of new infections. The medical system can not withstand such loads....

The country closed the borders, the cities of new York and Los Angeles to Paris and Madrid closed bars and restaurants, schools, and hundreds of millions of people closed their doors for each other, as the authorities have taken more decisive steps to slow the spread of coronavirus (map).

The effects of austerity measures of China on combating the virus — restricting travel about 700 million people suddenly became obvious on Monday when the government released economic data showing that industrial production drops to its lowest level in recent decades, and unemployment is rising at the fastest pace.

Despite the fact that the economic implications of the Chinese approach are shown, Beijing has managed to slow the growth of new cases, since the total number of infections outside of the country for the first time exceeded the number of cases in the country.

The fed, aiming for sustainable financial markets, lowered interest rates almost to zero and said it will buy hundreds of billions of dollars in U.S. government debt. But global stocks continue decline.

As the virus continues to spread across the United States, social life is increasingly closed. The centers for control and disease prevention now recommend to ban meetings of more than 50 people in the next eight weeks.

And since Americans are asked to isolate themselves in home quarantine, the United States stepped up its plans to isolate the country from the world, and travelers from the UK and Ireland on Monday joined the list of other European countries, who are denied entry into the United States.

But even despite the fact that throughout the country it was introduced many of the new restrictions in different States and localities have planned their own course — there is growing concern that soon hospitals may be overloaded.

We are facing an impending disaster, when this wave of growth of new infections will fall on the health system and hospitals, “said Governor Andrew Cuomo of new York speech on CNN on Monday.

Inside of Europe countries are closed. Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia closed to foreigners. But Germany, the economic engine of the continent, stated that it partially closes its borders with five neighbouring countries.

However, the number of new cases on the continent continues to grow, and there is growing concern about the fact that health systems of Spain and France may soon encounter the terrible situation that is unfolding in Italy, where doctors had to make fateful decisions without selecting any patients to treat.

Across the continent there is a struggle for increased production of medical equipment, and leaders insist that in wartime, efforts have been made for the production of ammunition.

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