Hunting Guns – Merkel’s Mountain Pipe B4

Hello hunting – and nature friends,

I would like to introduce you to my hunting rifle, which always brings me the special hunting moments.

Basically, a weapon for me in the hunting operation is a tool. Aesthetic aspects are for me of secondary importance. A gun should be easy, safe to use and accurate. This is not negotiable.

Merkel B4 Black

For my first trip to Sweden in 2016, Merkel is hunting me – and sport weapons, on request, a combined arms. I have a piece of me for the mountain B4 in caliber 30.06 and .222 Rem. decided. In Sweden I wanted to moose and grouse hunting. A Dilemma, because, for the large kind of deer it takes a great caliber and the rough to the foot valve, you should not shoot it. So you have to use two weapons or a mountain piece.

A strenuous hunt with the elk, it was announced dogs. A light equipment should I bring. So the lightweight, easy-to-handle B4-mount fit here, of course, the socket. Ultimately it only worked with the moose, but the full-jacketed projectiles in caliber .222 Rem. Yes, not bad. By the way, I used in the smaller reaches of the mountain piece for the hunting, German hunting everyday, a complete decomposition of a bullet, the Hornady NTX.

Merkel B4 Black

A mountain goat rifle is equipped with two ball races in a variety of calibers. Where the name originates, derives from the characteristics of “easy, biddable, and short”. A Socket is a shortened (truncated) Version of a longer rifle. Us so this type of weapon is popular especially in the hard mountain hunting. A mountain hunter chooses usually a caliber group for light big game (chamois) and a caliber for small game (woodchuck). Mountain sockets are not only for mountain hunters, so it would really mean a mountain-valley-in Socket.

Merkel B4 Black

The System B4 is milled from a block of aluminum to machine. The side panels on the System can be supplied with engraving, or as in my version of Black in Black.

The two runs lie on top of each other, wherein the barrel is located with the larger load pressure is always at the bottom. The lower run is free and is adjusted by two screws in the height of the front shaft. I did the sighting-in always by the professionals at Merkel. However, there may be no witchcraft. Only it will take longer and you will have to shoot may more cartridges.

The screws 1 and 2, the B4 is adjusted in the respective directions. The lock screw must be solved PREVIOUSLY and then re-screwed. (Image: company Merkel for hunting and sporting weapons)

The mountain piece has in the embodiments of Suhl and Black with a gold-colored, titanium-nitrided double trigger. Nitriding is the hardening of a surface for more resistance and protection against corrosion. The front fine-actuated trigger for the bottom, large calibre barrel and the Rear the upper, small.

Merkel B4 Black

Further, there is a single screw loss-System installed. This is a Plus in terms of safety, but it also means that after the first shot, the gun must be stretched over the hand cocking slide ent and new.

Also, the weapons relaxes automatically when you Open them, which is another Plus to safety. The highly stable, gold-coloured clasp (hunter-Tilt) is removable. So it is easier to clean. The tilt-lock can be easily in the Trouser pocket took. The left gun is then ready to fire.

Merkel B4 Black

Merkel B4 Black, look at the weapons mechanics

Merkel B4 Black, Tilt Lock

Merkel B4 Black, cut-outs for the Suhl tilt-up mount

Merkel B4 Black, at the security check at the airport, I was allowed to take a look at the x-ray image of the mountain nozzle.

Merkel mountain piece B4 Black with Swarovski Z8 i

The B4 has Aufkippmontage prepared Cuts for the Suhl. With your a classic, low Assembly of objective optics with and without a Rail is possible. All of me-run objective lenses were mounted. The powerful Swarovski Z8i was easy too for this petite weapon. Currently, the 42 VX6HD of the Leupold is mounted, which emits a gelungeneres overall picture.

A hunting rifle is not only to the optical Admire, but you should work in the use case. The B4 showed the best hunting moments that I was able to experience.

Quite challenging hunts, where it quickly had to go. The first shot is always the most Important. And with the certainty that none of the 10 shot magazine is fitted, it forces you automatically to an increase in concentration.
Since the Moose that showed up not 30 yards in front of us in the Sweden forest, all of a sudden. Quietly, I stretched the neck and curved in the knee stop the deduction. Moose shot are hard and so you to be delivered more directly to us. I shot with the second, small ball. Until I had reloaded, half of the hunting guide with a shot from his bolt action rifle. Certainly a disadvantage of the mountain neck, when it comes to close range so rapidly.

In the process, duplicates are possible, and especially in the case of the fallow deer hunting this has not worked once perfectly with the B4.

With the small ball I could shoot my first swamp beaver, and the first Wild with the B4 a erpirschter young Fox was on a freshly mown Lawn.

Merkel B4 Black

Later, in Thuringia, I Aries extended with the mount piece for my first muffle. A difficult shot in the opposite side to pull the pack. I quickly was a socket in the narrow pulpit, with the handy mountain in the stroke, and with the highest precision, the bullet entered on the sheet. Such moments bring an absolute trust in a tool.

Merkel B4 Black

Merkel B4 Black

My mount brings the piece to me still regularly hunting luck on sows. Just recently, in the best light during the leaf hunt. And with each of such magical moments of the bond increases. I like to piece my mountain and don’t want to give him up so quickly again.

Combined arms are never cheap and with the degree of hand work, the price also rises. The price of almost 5000 € for a B4, is located in the. It is a weapon for the Hunter, and certainly beyond.

In the process, you should consider the caliber of choice for hunting purpose. Here you are spoilt for choice. The selection is even greater if the Merkel offered to exchange barrel makes the B4 to a over and under shotgun rifle.

The care should not come at such a beauty. Regular cleaning and a certain amount of caution with the wooden stock are necessary. The deep scratches in the shaft, a Swedish Rock left behind, the way polished the Merkelianer without a trace.

Merkel B4 Black, a gun for Stalking and sitting game

The owner of a Merkel B4 leads to a compact rifle, which combines two precision ball races of different caliber in a gun. So you are prepared for many hunting situations. The easy-to-handle, light gun makes a classy, high-quality impression. And, ultimately, my mountain helps piece, at least to me decisive in the hunt for the magical and special moments.

In this sense,

Greeting and Waidmannsheil
Your Three Scion

Moving images of my mountain piece you see here in my video presentation

Technical Details

System: mountain-pipe / single screw loss-in System with removable Jäger tilted block breech and a separate hand-voltage / safety automatic – while Opening automatically weapon relaxed; can be dismantled for easy Transport

Caliber: Small ball: .222 Rem. / .223 Rem. / 5,6x52R
Large ball: 7x57R / 7x65R / .308 Win. / .30-06 Spring. / .30R Blaser / 8x57IRS / 9,3x74R
other sizes are available on request

Trigger: double-Fine-print / titanium nitrided (only for version Black and Suhl)

Length: total length 97 cm (length 55 cm)

Run: free-standing deck-lower ball barrel / driven hunt sight,
Optional: Interchangeable Barrels

Upper: Pig Bavarian Shoe / Rubber Recoil Pad Back /
Optional: on the left, stock / Maßschäftungen / engraved pistol grip cap
Wood classes: 4

Engravings: black system box in execution “Black” / hunting / Jena / Weimar / Erfurt / Suhl

Embodiments of B4, image: Merkel hunting and sporting weapons

Assembly: prepared for Suhl tilt-up mount / Optional: Dentler-montages

Price: 4800 € (source:

Who wants to see my mount socket Merkel B4 in action (Aries, red deer and elk hunting), look at these Videos …

Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black Merkel B4 Black

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