In the middle East countries are preparing for new cases of coronavirus

The whole middle East in peace and anticipation of a new surge in infections with the coronavirus COVID-19. Government impose restrictive measures....

Schools, shopping centers, restaurants and workplaces were closed and flights throughout the Middle East suspended because a few countries have taken active steps to combat the outbreak of coronavirus.

In Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Kuwait daily life calms down.

Saudi Arabia has sent government workers, except for a few major institutions, home for 16 days. Government officials in Kuwait sent home in two weeks. And the Lebanese government declared a state of emergency in the area of health in which people were ordered to stay home unless absolutely necessary, and on Monday in Beirut violated the order of compulsory interventions of authorities in case of violation of the quarantine.

Bahrain announced its first death from coronavirus, and in Iran, where reports of infected high-ranking officials, Ministers and lawmakers in recent weeks have gained a numb pattern — died 78-year-old member of the Assembly. Assembly is a clerical body that selects the Supreme leader of the country.

Iran suffered more deaths from coronavirus than any other country except China and Italy, and on Monday there were registered 129 cases. The official news Agency reported that President Hassan Rouhani announced plans public tests across the country, starting on Tuesday, but did not specify how testing will be conducted.

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