Innokin Cool Fire II

An e cig mod built like a bolt of steel is modern and cool, but what do you make of a mod resembling a hand grenade? That is serious stuff. In a way this is a flashback to old movies where hand grenades were a favored weapon; yet, the Innokin Cool Fire II is contemporary and effective. Find out why in this Innokin Cool Fire II review.

A Word about Innokin

Fortunately for vapers, not only is Innokin among the number one vaping products available, but they are easily acquired through numerous suppliers. The company is located in Shenzhen, China, where their factory output is monumental but standards of design are top class. Online vendors and many brick-and-mortar stores stock their goods. Vape shop owners who will only sell e cigs and mods they use must really like Innokin: they frequently stock Innokin clearomizers and hardware, including the Cool Fire II.

Fire When Ready

Innokin builds several devices but the Innokin Cool Fire II is not for novices. During the early days you can skip US cigalikes in favor of a Lily or CLK: these are easy to use and discrete. The Cool Fire II is built with features that new vapers do not understand how to use and one must have confidence to walk around with something resembling a grenade in his hand.

The Innokin Cool Fire I might be a better bet for newer vapers, but it is also an advanced-looking device compared with eGo e cigs. A simple but solid tube elaborately designed with columns of metal costs about $50 and conceals a microprocessor. This regulates the Cool Fire I to 8.5 watts but the user does not have to set this value. Regulated e cigs continue to operate consistently until they die whereas unregulated batteries hold their charge for less and less time and are less and less effective. A regulated battery will die without much warning.

Innokin Cool Fire II

Inside, the Cool Fire II resembles Cool Fire I. A microprocessor and a 7A fuse protect your e cig, but you now have variable wattage options to choose from. Select from 7 to 12.5 watts at the click of a button. Your e cig recognizes resistance values and sets voltage according to ohms and watts.

The option to set power higher enables the Cool Fire II to handle lower resistance than the Cool Fire I, yet it only uses the same battery (18350). It makes sense with these extra features and its unique shape that the Cool Fire II would cost more. Add at least $20 to what you paid for a Cool Fire I. While you can’t attach a 0.5-ohm atomizer safely, 1 ohm or even 0.8 ohms might be suitable: read the manual carefully and make sure you know the wording of your warranty.

You have an on/off switch at your disposal to reduce the risk of accidentally firing your mod while it is in your pocket. It takes more than simply pressing the button accidentally to set the thing going. Thus, you won’t burn yourself or use up battery power. The fuse prevents a shorted circuit and your device detects problems like overcharge and overheating. If your e cig is in danger, the microprocessor simply turns the power off. Buy the genuine article to be sure all these features are in place.

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