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KNUSTInstitutional Repository (KNUST Space)

The Institutional Repository, (KNUSTSpace) is a university based service that enables the KNUST community to manage and disseminate in digital format, academic and research output that have either been created by the community members or donated to the community. It showcases research findings, technical reports, conference papers/proceedings, theses, book chapters, books, etc. of KNUST. The service is web based and can be accessed from the following link The office of KNUST Space is located on the first floor of the old library building.


The Institutional Repository offers the University and its staff the following services:


1. The KNUST Space provides services at no cost to the KNUST Community and all other persons who would like to use the items entered on the KNUSTSpace.

2. Interactive Service provides a system where the KNUST community members are enabled to effectively submit items/articles or access same from a central point

3. Provides increased availability of local content in global scholarly communication.

4. Provides increased global visibility and showcases the academic and research output, use and impact of intellectual output from KNUST.

5. Preserves KNUST intellectual heritage for posterity.

6. Enables the research output of the community to be more cited.

7. Enables collaborative research between KNUST researchers and other researchers worldwide.

All items in the KNUSTSpace are searchable.

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