Little Riddles Answers Level 101 – 200

Little Riddles Answers Level 101 - 200

Finally we can create little riddles answers for level 101 to 200, this game different from other word game which use picture or icons as the clue this in...

Finally we can create little riddles answers for level 101 to 200, this game different from other word game which use picture or icons as the clue this in this game you must answers a question that appear every level not like ordinary quiz this game question is unique. This game have built in clue but it cost several coins that you got every level completed, but if you often use the coin to solve this game then your coins will be run out and you must buy it to get more. With this answers you can complete a level which make you stop playing little riddles.

Little Riddles Answers Level 101 - 200Little Riddles Answers Level 101 - 200Little Riddles Answers Level 101 - 200Little Riddles Answers Level 101 - 200
Little Riddles Answers Level 101 - 200Little Riddles Answers Level 101 - 200Little Riddles Answers Level 101 - 200Little Riddles Answers Level 101 - 200

level 101: A small paradise surrounded by dry heat. Some have Wonderwalls :oasis
level 102: If you’re worried that grandpa will bite, just remove these :dentures
level 103: Mad bats and dogs carry this :rabies
level 104: Sounds like he works on public transportation but he really works in a restaurant :busboy
level 105: Retired people want these to be large and birds want them to hatch :nesteggs
level 106: Mobsters judge the quality of a vehicle by the size of this :trunk
level 107: The Titanic is still chilling here :atlantic
level 108: This patch of land stands alone :island
level 109: Securing your documents is easy with these trusty metal objects :staples
level 110: Found at the back of a book or in an abdomen :appendix
level 111: These suck :vacuum
level 112: A gentleman whose offspring have successfully produced offspring of their own :grandpa
level 113: Where food goes to get nuked :microwave
level 114: If you’re on a diet, smelling a fresh pan of brownies could be described as this :torture
level 115: Announcing to the world that you’ve recently enjoyed a fizzy beverage :belch
level 116: You’ll see savory dishes in Hong Kong sizzling in these :wok
level 117: Aquatic creature whose name is rather “tight” :seal
level 118: A pony trots his way through the world on these :hoof
level 119: Kids love this bouncy, sugary, treat. It’s like colorful rubber that you can eat :jello
level 120: He has a genie to thank for the fact that he married a princess :aladdin
level 121: A piece of paper that determines the academic fate of kids everywhere :reportcard
level 122: The artistic vandal’s best friend :spraypaint
level 123: Thousands of these come together to make a digital image :pixel
level 124: What you do to determine the length of something :measure
level 125: If you are unsure how to use one then just ask a flight attendant :seatbelt
level 126: This man has an obsession with spinach :popeye
level 127: Low on cash? Pick out items from this rack :clearance
level 128: This falls from the mouths of babies and Homer Simpson when he sees doughnuts :drool
level 129: These are great fun until you realize you don’t have all the pieces :puzzle
level 130: Helps carry your books to school :backpack
level 131: The offspring of a feline and a Xerox machine :copycat
level 132: When put in a pot of boiling water… they scream :lobster
level 133: Could be described as the cranium’s version of snow :dandruff
level 134: Cute, cuddly canine children :puppy
level 135: Ladies used to party with this kitchen device :tupperware
level 136: Scottish knee-length formal wear for men :kilt
level 137: What scientists might call your pooch :canine
level 138: The line in your hair :part
level 139: High fat reward for making it through another solar cycle :cake
level 140: A delicious way of presenting numbers :piechart
level 141: These make grown men dance in end zones :touchdown
level 142: The ninja turtles call this place home, as do mythical alligators :sewer
level 143: A spent round or a slimy critter :slug
level 144: Between you and the net stands this vigilant protector of the scoreboard :goalie
level 145: Directions from outer space :GPS
level 146: The line a runner strives to reach :finish
level 147: Warns of deflating tires and serpents :hiss
level 148: You are owed one of these when someone wrongs you :apology
level 149: The King of Pop’s stellar dance move :moonwalk
level 150: A first job for many kids, this could be described as “Media Distribution Management” :paperroute
level 151: What a South American might say to a friend as they depart :adios
level 152: Standard issue tool for Fairy Godmothers and wizards :magicwand
level 153: A performer counts on these folks for applause :audience
level 154: What Botox will do to your expression :paralyze
level 155: Indiana Jones likes to crack this :whip
level 156: Both a currency and an antlered male :buck
level 157: Where you deposit the red stuff from your veins :bloodbank
level 158: Timid or weak people are said to not have these :backbone
level 159: A toothy nocternal immortal :vampire
level 160: I can’t believe it’s not… :butter
level 161: Sand+Net+Bikini :volleyball
level 162: How a big, hibernating mammal would show affection :bearhug
level 163: An acceptable act of violence on Saint Patrick’s Day :pinch
level 164: A prehistoric reptile that lives today and the inspiration for the name of a popular sports drink :gator
level 165: Little piggies you look down at every day :toe
level 166: The homes of tiny creatures that collect in corners if you aren’t vigilant about dusting :web
level 167: They don’t forget :elephant
level 168: Hearing something unexpected or touching a live wire can have this effect :shocking
level 169: Can be found in the drink aisle or on a body-builder’s torso :sixpack
level 170: An appropriately loud response to fear, excitement, or your team scoring :yell
level 171: Perhaps the most important adjective for ballerinas and princesses :gracefull
level 172: Rotten trees and Jack-O-Lanterns have this characteristic in common :hollow
level 173: Your computer’s version of white-out :delete
level 174: Hold these between your knees if you want to set a Cuban beat :bongos
level 175: Petting a feline often evokes this response :purr
level 176: When everyone stares at clocks and then starts smooching :newyears
level 177: To moisten your peepers you must do this :blink
level 178: The celebrities of high school were part of this crowd :popular
level 179: Without this, H2o would just be 2o :hydrogen
level 180: Thanks for such treasures as Mariachis, enchiladas and habanero! :mexico
level 181: A popular afterlife destination to send people, when you’re mad at them :hell
level 182: A toy that requires some string and a breezy day :kite
level 183: The one fashion accessory farmers and hipsters can agree upon :suspenders
level 184: A section of the calendar dedicated to mother nature :earthday
level 185: The main difference between us and zombies :life
level 186: Causes bad breath and frightens blood-suckers :garlic
level 187: Drop this to stop a boat :anchor
level 188: An office supply that’s shaped like a trombone :paperclip
level 189: They cut doors in half and wear wooden shoes :dutch
level 190: Proof you’ve done your time in school :diploma
level 191: The athletically challenged spend a good deal of time on this seat made of pine :bench
level 192: A certain wizard resided in a city made from this gemstone :emerald
level 193: Millions of these are crushed every morning to help people wake up :coffeebean
level 194: Rueben and Monte Cristo are two delicious varieties of this :sandwich
level 195: Famous for cheese, wine and saying ’ooo la la’ :french
level 196: Aliens in Toy Story call this their leader :claw
level 197: Daily ritual of scraping a metal tool on the body :shave
level 198: Come November 1st, many of these will be found smashed on sidewalks :pumpkin
level 199: Maritime marauders :pirate
level 200: You’ll have to consult an optometrist if you want to improve this :sight

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