LuLaRoe Christi Shakespear: Who Am I?

Meet LuLaRoe Christi Shakespear

AKA: Galaxy Roe

I’m a Mom.

I’m a Wife.

I’m a Friend

I’m a Sister.

I’m a Daughter.

I’m an entrepreneur!

So why did I choose to sell LuLaRoe? It’s simple. I wanted to heal. I wanted to overcome my fears and I wanted to prove to myself that I could be successful at something.

What has happened in the process is nothing short of amazing. I have gained confidence I didn’t know I had. I’ve become very good at helping women feel beautiful about their bodies. And I’m accomplishing goals and moving forward in my life.

But most importantly, I’m happy. I WANT to get out of bed in the morning. I’ve made lasting friendships with people I wouldn’t have encountered otherwise.

How can I help you achieve your goals? I may just sell clothes, but it has provided a means to improve myself and help others reach for the stars!

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